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Black Bra and Panties from Vanity Fair

guy wearing a bra and sweaterWhat an exciting time of year Autumn is! The leaves are changing, the weather is perfect, and Halloween is just around the corner, so there's little that we crossdressers don't have to get excited about in the fall. It's also the perfect sweater weather, and I just happen to have a new sweater that I've been super excited about wearing out. I bought it at Kohl's from the Jennifer Lopez fashion line, and it's quite a sheer sweater that will require me to layer something underneath, and today was my first opportunity to actually wear it out en femme, and so I just had to make good use of my time this morning.

When a girl goes out for a planned shopping trip, the first step is to always choose a good outfit, and so I debated about what I would wear with my new sweater. I really loved the way it looked paired with the long maxi skirt I was wearing when I bought it, but I didn't want to post pics of me wearing the same outfit two outings in a row, and so I decided to pull out a pair of capri jeans that I haven't worn in a very long time. One of my favorites several years ago was a pair of black knee-length capris from the Gap, and I wore them in a lot of my early photos, but as a girl acquires new clothing, the old things tend to gather dust in the closet. Anyway, I thought it would fun to wear "something old" today, and so I chose the sweater and capri set.

I knew that I would need to wear a white bra beneath this sweater today, and so after my shower, I slipped into my Body by Victoria bra in white and matched it with a pair of teal panties from Vanity Fair. Since the air was chilly today, I also pulled on guy dressed like a girla pair of sheer nylons in nude to wear beneath my capri jeans, and then it was time to decide what I would layer beneath my sweater. I finally decided to borrow a silk camisole from my wife that is very plain and designed to be worn beneath a sheer garment like this sweater, and as I pulled it on over my bra the thought occurred to me that I was wearing something old (my capri jeans), something new (my J-Lo sweater), something borrowed (my wife's camisole), and something blue (my teal panties)!

Maybe I was in sort of a goofy mood this morning and so after getting dressed, I also decided to wear my hair differently. Usually I will always wear my hair tucked behind both ears, but today I opted for a more shag look where I only teased my hair a bit with my hands and didn't even use a brush. I debated a few minutes on whether or not to play it safe and fix my hair, but in the end, I just went with the messy look and called it good. I did wear my favorite jumbo hoop earrings, and then I completed my get-up with a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head to keep my hair back a bit from my face.
guy shopping for a bra and panties
One place where I have been itching to shop again since visiting it the first time this summer is the Vanity Fair outlet. I also realized that I needed a cute black bra to wear beneath that lacey black top also purchased at the Vanity Fair outlet. When I did the photo shoot on and around the billiards table in September, I was wearing a black bra underneath my blouse, but it was a very conservative bra from JCPenney that has wide straps and no lace, and so I thought I needed to add a new, cuter black bra to my collection, and so Vanity Fair was an easy choice for my shopping destination this morning.

I noticed during the drive to the Vanity Fair outlet that the lower sun in the sky was making it difficult to take pretty pictures from my dashboard, but I did manage a few that I thought were worth posting. You can see from the pic at left that my hair is really unkempt, but I kind of liked the girl-on-the-go look. I arrived at the Vanity Fair store in a bout 20 minutes, but the sun was too bright outside to take any pictures in the parking lot because I've noticed I squint so bad in direct sunlight that the pics just don't look good, and so I grabbed my purse and headed for the doors. The one thing that is nice about this particular Vanity Fair outlet is that hardly anyone ever shops here, especially on a weekend morning, and there's so much floor space that it's almost as if I have the entire place to myself. I remember as a child walking through the lingerie section of departments stores at the mall and thinking how wonderful it would be if I could make everyone just freeze so I could have the place to myself, and shopping her at Vanity Fair during off hours creates a very similar scenario to my dreams in my youth. The only thing different is that I get to take the bra and panties home. ;-)

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