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Shopping for Tights

One reason that I'm so excited to have some girl time right now is because I rarely get a chance to dress up in the winter. You've probably noticed that a majority of my pictures are of me wearing summer clothes, and that's because I have the most free time in the summer. This weekend, however, marks the first time in two years that I've had sufficient girl time when it's cold, and so that means I get to bring out my winter sweaters and tights. Yesterday I went envelope shopping and then to the post office, and so I wasn't concerned as much about looking nice, but today I wanted to do some shopping, and so it was time for a cute winter outfit.

One item that I've wanted for a long time is a pair of those leggings that end at the ankle and have a swath of lace around the bottom. I desperately wanted a pair in white because it's such a pure color, and I feel that white would go better with my dresses and long shirts, and so today I determined to go shopping for tights, both as a chance to celebrate my freedom this winter and also as a chance to find something cute that I don't own.

For my outfit today, I chose a loose turtleneck sweater with wide, short sleeves, a style that is really popular this year. The sweater has large horizontal stripes in a very pretty magenta and gray color and is loose enough to give me sufficient room to breath. When a girl wears a bulky sweater like this, it's easy for her boobs to get lost in all of the fabric, and so today I decided to wear a push-up bra in 38C just to give my boobs a chance to still be part of the outfit. I think the combination worked well and so it was time to focus on my lower half.

There was no doubt that I would be wearing opaque tights today, and so I paired them with a knee-length black skirt that I thought would go best with the sweater. As for my shoes, I decided to go with my black ballet flats because I knew I would be doing a bit of shopping, and I didn't want to end my day early because my feet hurt in heels. As a stood in front of my full length mirror, I could hardly contain my joy at the prospect of shopping for tights today while crossdressed.

Yesterday when I ran a few quick errands, I wore my hair short because it was a blustery day, and I didn't want to have to fuss with it. Today, however, the weather was cooperating, and so a cute outfit called for cute, long blonde hair. I decided that I would part my hair down the middle today and then clip my long bangs to the side with a small barrette. I haven't worn a barrette for like ever, and so it reminded me that I still have a lot of options when it comes to hair accessories.  I'm posting a close-up at left that shows my barrette just for fun.

Satisfied with my look, it was time to grab my purse and head to the nearest department store to my house, Fred Meyer. I noticed in some adds that Fred Meyer was doing a buy one get a second one half off on all hosiery, and so it was an easy choice to try and find some tights for a good price. The drive was about fifteen minutes, and I shot plenty of photos along the way from the dashboard of my car. In the summer time, it is always so bright outside that you really have to be driving north to get some get dash cam pics. In the winter, however, it's usually overcast, and so you have plenty of light coming into the car, but it's not overbearing providing for some good dash pics.  I also like in the pic at right how you can see my push-up bra doing the job, especially with my left breast.

when I arrived at the Fred Meyer parking lot, I was pleased to notice that I was instinctively looking for the closest parking spot instead of strategically picking my spot so I could avoid as many people as possible. I found a good spot close to the entrance and noticed there was a guy for the Salvation Army ringing his bell by the entry way. I knew the eye contact would be unavoidable, so I slung my purse on my arm with confidence and walked straight towards the man. I gave him a smile as I entered the store but I didn't put any coins in the bucket because I didn't have any. I only carry credit cards and bills in my purse, but maybe I can figure out a way in the next few days to record myself giving to the Salvation Army. Who knows, but for now it's time to talk about tights..

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