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Shopping at Old Navy for Summer Separates

After each one of the major purges in my life, the thing that has always stirred the desire to dress again is the simple act of observing women around me in my everyday life. I see how pretty and delicate women are and how graceful they carry themselves, and my insides just start to ache as I want to be like that and feel like that for myself. And even when I'm not coming off of a purge, it's daily observation of women that makes this flame inside of me to become one of them burn even hotter.

As a result of observing other women, I find myself gravitating to the same fashions as them. If I lived in NYC and worked on Madison Avenue, I'm sure my look would mostly consist of business suits, pencil skirts, and high heels without nylons, but I live a quite simple life surrounded by simple people, and those simple people wear cute but simple fashions. So whenever I get the chance to shop for myself, I purchase those fashions that I see the majority of women around me wearing. That means that easily half of my wardrobe comes from Old Navy whether I purchased the garments directly at their store or whether I come across them at thrift stores because the kind of girl that I identify with most is the girl who usually dresses in Old Navy.

It should be no surprise then that one of my first outings as a girl would be to visit Old Navy to pick up some new summer fashions. In particular, one item that I've seen so many women wear during late spring and summer that I just had to have was a cotton jersey skirt. As I attended my son's baseball games this past season, I saw lots of other baseball moms, and so many of them were wearing these darling cotton, knee-length skirts that are so carefree not to mention cool that I've been wanting to purchase one myself for like ever. They are also perfect for pairing with fun summer tops, and I love to mix and match clothing much more that getting stuck into a single piece of clothing like a dress.

And so tonight I decided to make a trip to Old Navy to find a jersey skirt and to also look through their summer tops that I can mix and match. For my outfit, I decided to go totally Old Navy, so I chose my neon green and white striped button tee paired with my denim skirt and matching neon green sandals. Even though it was evening and breezy outside, I decided to go bare-legged yet again even though I probably could have snuck on a pair of sheer pantyhose, but I bought this top last year to specifically wear with these sandals, and these sandals require me to go bare-legged, but that's okay since all of the other women would be bare-legged too.

As I posed for my usual photos, I realized that I have yet to paint my toenails! But, I just didn't have time to do it right then if I was going to have sufficient time at Old Navy because the sun was already setting by the time I was able to get out. I quickly grabbed my purse and tucked my hair behind my ears and then headed for the car. Dashboard pictures from the car don't turn out nearly as well when it's dark, and so I decided to take on in front of Old Navy to add a little bit more light. I also noticed that it was quite breezy outside, and so I needed to be careful to keep my hair from getting messed up as I scooted inside.

Once inside, I started with the promotion items placed near the front of the store and found what Old Navy calls a "Perfect Tee" in a lovely peach color. The perfect tee is a bit long in the waist and has short sleeves with a scoop match, and it is the perfect kind of top for me to wear in the summer. The fabric is thin and cool; I can accessorize it with almost anything; and most importantly, it requires that the presentation of my bra underneath is perfect. ;-) I noticed that the tee was on sale for $6 down from $8.50 and so I scooped it up and then began making my around the natural path of the store looking at all the women's fashions as I went. There were a couple of mirrors near my current location at this point, and so I stopped to pose with the peach tee in hand so you can see me actually shopping inside of the store.

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