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Shopping for a Nightie

It feels so so good to have two weeks to myself again, and while I still have a 9 to 5 job that I need to worry about and a small honey-do list, I will spend every non-working moment as a girl and blog all about it. As for my activities the next few weeks, I have lots planned including attending the musical Wicked again! The fun part about going to Wicked is that beyond enjoying my favorite musical, I also get to shop for a new dress since it just wouldn't do to wear the same outfit again. So, there will be lots to talk about the next two weeks and plenty of adventures accompanied by pics, but first things first...let's start with day 1! :-)

As many of you will recall, I had the chance to go shopping with a gorgeous friend of mine, Heidi Phox, in May, and we decided to go to the Vanity Fair outlet in our area. While there, I spent some time looking through their extensive selection of nighties, and I posted a pic that Heidi took of me holding up a white silky nightie. I didn't purchase the nightie then, but I couldn't get it out of my mind, and so I determined that my first order of business today would be to revisit the Vanity Fair outlet and buy that nightie. I love my pink nightie of course and sleep in it every chance I get, but whether it's hair, nails, or attire, girls are always wanting to change things every so often, and so I decided today to go nightie shopping.  It also wouldn't hurt to have a spare silk nightie on hand when the other one is in the wash.

As I pulled out my wardrobe in preparation for the next two weeks, I thought, "my goodness, I have a lot of clothing." I made a determination that I need to wear some of my older things or get rid of them, and so for today's outfit I chose my pink skirt with white polka dots and thought it would look best paired with my white embroidered tee from Izod. The high temperature today was near 100 degrees, and I figured most girls would be wearing a tee, and so I should too. Pantyhose were also out of the question today not only due to the heat but because I bought some of those nylon footsie socks at the VF outlet when I visited with Heidi that I have been dying to try out. I thought it would be cute to wear my red canvas flats with white polka dots with the dress, and these footsie socks would be perfect in keeping the moisture contained to my socks and not my shoes.

As I did my makeup, I realized that I get so out of practice during layoffs, and so by the end of my two weeks, I hope to be impeccable in my presentation. I thought may makeup today was suitable, but it can be better. Regardless, just standing in front of the mirror in bra and panties and doing my makeup and hair was divine. Once I was satisfied with my look from the neck up, I slipped into my top and skirt and then pulled on those little footsie socks for the first time. I just had to take a pick wearing them without my shoes, and so I took those first before taking more photos of my full outfit.  You can see from the pic at right that it almost looks as if I'm wearing nylons with a reinforced toe.

My routine has not changed in regards to packing my purse and taking plenty of photos from the camera on my dashboard, and so I dashed to Vanity Fair in hopes of finding that precious nightie. When I arrived, I noticed a fair amount of cars in the parking lot, so I knew I would have some company inside of the store. I was also greeted with a gust of wind as I exited the car, so it was impossible to take pictures outside of the store. Keeping my hand snug against my hair to keep it from flying around, I scurried into Vanity Fair and headed for the one mirror that I know about to confirm my look and make sure my hair was presentable. After snapping a quick photo, it was off to the nightie section.

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