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Running Errands and Shopping at Ross

Have you ever had one of those days when you just knew you were going to be passable out in public? I think I experienced that today because I was full of confidence when I left the house to run a few errands and do some shopping crossdressed as a girl. Last week, I had a few chances to dress as well and do some shopping, and towards the end of the week I felt that I needed to slow down a bit and not force myself into these wild or crazy adventures as much and to just appreciate the opportunity of being a girl whenever the chance arises. Today, I had a few hours to myself, and so I decided that I would run a few errands and then stop in for some quick shopping at a Ross store close to my home.

I am thoroughly enjoying all of this girl time during the winter because it gives me a chance to show off more of my wardrobe, especially outfits that feature sweaters, turtlenecks, and tights. The last few days in the town where I live, we had a few snow storms come through, and so today I would need to dress warmly again. As a result, I decided to wear a super cute long knit sweater with white and navy horizontal stripes as the centerpiece of my outfit. This sweater also has two small pockets on either side with darling buttons, and it's so easy to be a girl when wearing this garment.

Since my plan this morning was to put gas in my car, run to the post office, and then stop in at Ross for a quick shopping trip, I needed to make the decision of whether or not to wear leggings with this sweater, pair it with a skirt, or mix it with something more casual like jeans. I determined that since it was so early in the morning, only working girls would be wearing skirts and tights, and I was going to play the role of a mom who had just dropped her kids off for school, and so I decided to wear my pink skinny jeans since I was quite sure the other moms at Ross would all be wearing jeans or yoga pants as well.

After taking care of the kids in the morning, I hopped in the shower and shaved my legs and armpits, and then it was time to put on my makeup. There's nothing I enjoy more than a hot shower, but it means I need a few minutes afterwards to cool off, and so I did my makeup this morning wearing nothing but a bra and panties. For some reason I decided to go way old school and wear the bra and panty set I bought for my coming out as a crossdresser during Halloween in 2002. As I pulled the panties out of the back of my panty drawer, I couldn't help but notice just how worn they were. Small elastic strands are sticking out of the waistband, and the tag is so worn I could barely tell if they were inside out or not. Still, I felt a twinge of nostalgia as I pulled these panties up and then inserted a pad for protection.

There was also something that just felt right about the bra as I strapped it in place. This particular bra has very wide straps at the top for comfort, and it's not the kind of bra you want to show off beneath a cami, but it is indeed a comfortable bra, and so I had to smile at my appearance in the mirror wearing this lingerie set that is so dear to me. As for my makeup, I wanted to go extremely light today since I was pretending to be just another mom who had no reason to really doll herself up.

When my makeup and hair were done, I donned a pair of nude, support pantyhose and then pulled up my skinny jeans. I put the sweater on last since it's really warm when I wear it indoors, but I knew it was going to be a fun morning when I looked at my appearance in the full-length mirror. As a final touch, I rolled up the cuff on each pant leg of my skinny jeans since I've noticed that a lot of girls do this as a fashion statement. I'm sure part of the reason they do it is because the jeans are too long on them, and it wasn't really necessary for a tall girl like me to show even more of my ankle, especially in the winter time, but when in Rome, do as the other girls do. :-)

My first stop today was Costco because I needed to fill up the tank of my car and they have the best prices on gas. The closest Costco is only about five minutes away, but there was actually snow and ice on the roads due to a recent snowstorm, and so I made sure to drive like a girl the entire way. I of course took pictures as I drove, and I was really pleased how they turned out. I also aimed the rearview mirror right towards my face so I could check the details of my makeup and hair as a I drove, and I was pretty sure it would be a fun day

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