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Shopping for New Flats and a Cami at Target

The weather is still super hot as it's mid-summer, but the fashion world is always several months ahead of the actual calendar, and so stores have already begun to put their summer fashions on clearance and prepare for the fall season. Well, I can't think of much else a girl would rather do when she's out on a shopping excursion with nothing particular in mind then to browse the clearance racks, and today I felt like going to Target to see what they had on their clearance racks. I also needed a good excuse to wear my new short-shorts from Old Navy that I purchased a few weeks ago. This summer, pattern shorts with about a 3" inseam are in style, and when I was shopping at Old Navy earlier this summer, I came across a pair with a red flower print that were darling AND on sale, and so I've been waiting for a good opportunity to wear them out.

Because these shorts have a red floral pattern, I needed to pair them with a white top or a top that had red in it, and so I chose a short-sleeve ruffle blouse that I purchased at Kohl's earlier in the year just before Valentines Day. I've never worn this top out in public before while cross dressed, and so I thought it would be a fun outfit to wear and go shopping on a super hot summer day. After doing my hair an makeup, I retrieved this new top from my closet and slipped it on over my head and then stood in front of my full-length mirror and was tickled to notice that my top matched my panties. As is usually the case with me, my bra and panties did not match today since I chose to wear a white Body by Victoria bra from Victoria's Secret. This bra has a nice push-up effect, which I thought would be an effective look for this particular blouse, and so after my shower, I happened to pair this white bra with what I would describe as hot pink panties from Vanity Fair.

In the process of getting dressed for today's shopping it just so happened that I chose to wore panties that would match my blouse, so I guess even though my bra and panties didn't match today, at least my panties and blouse did. :-) I'm going to have to keep this in mind for future outings when I wear this top because I don't have a hot pink bra to wear beneath it.

Anyway, I was so thrilled by having at least something match in my outfit that I took a few pictures of me in my blouse and matching panties before completing the rest of my outfit, which consisted of my white and red floral shorts from Old Navy and a pair of simple brown mary jane flats that I happened to purchase at Target a few years ago. I'm trying super hard this summer to go out more without wearing pantyhose because you would never see a normal girl out shopping clearance racks on a hot summer afternoon while wearing pantyhose under any circumstance, and so I decided that I would go bare-legged yet again today which is good progress for me. Keeping in line with my casual look today, I used a big red clip to keep my bangs out of my face, and then the finishing touch were my favorite hoop earrings and I was ready to go.

The drive to Target was uneventful, and I had the air conditioning on full blast because it was so hot outside. In all of the pictures taken from the dashboard of my car, my hair is flying everywhere being blown around by the air flowing out of the vents, but don't they sometimes bring large fans onto the set of a photo shoot to blow the hair around of a fashion model? At any rate, the heat made me long for the previous winter when I was able to have considerable girl time dressing up in sweaters, leggings, and tights. Oh well, I already know that I will have ample opportunity to dress again this winter, so I will do the best I can in the summer heat.

When I shop at a store, I like to take pictures of myself in the parking lot standing in front of the store, but it was so blazing this afternoon that I didn't even attempt to do that. It's very hard to take good photos in directly sunlight, and my eyes are sensitive as it is to bright light, so I tucked my camera under the driver's seat, grabbed my purse and cell phone, and then headed for the cool air inside of Target. One of the neat things about my local Target is that the misses section and women's section are the closest thing to the front door, so it's easy to disappear quickly into the aisles and aisles of cute clothing, and that's exactly what I did today.

Some of the items I'm looking for this summer are a cute summer dress, preferably a maxi dress with bold stripes. I'm also interesting in purchasing white shorts or white capri pants. For some reason, white shorts and/or capris that fit snug are so sexy on a women, and I can wear nearly every one of my tops with white bottoms, and so something white was also on my list. In the back of my mind, I'm also thinking about trying to do a swimsuit photo shoot this year outdoors, but I'll need to find the right swimwear to do that due to that birth defect of mine that needs covering up. :-) I'm also looking for a cute pair of sandals preferably that have something extra girly on the straps like flowers, bows, ruffles, or all of the above.

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