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Going Crazy At The Outlets

I woke up this morning with the whole day ahead of me and nowhere I had to be, so the first thing that came to my mind was shopping. The mountain town I'm staying in has a few places to shop like Rue21 and Maurices, and there's even a Wal-Mart nearby, but I would only go to Wal-Mart for make-up or pads, and today I wanted to do some serious clothes shopping. About 30 minutes away are some of the best outlets I've ever been to in Park City, so I decided to get myself dolled up and to visit the outlets since it seemed everyone had a sale going on for the fourth of July weekend. There was a particular item at Old Navy that I wanted as well, and I knew from an email from them that everything in the store was 40% off, so it was an easy choice to go shopping today at the outlets.

As for my outfit, I knew that I would be trying items on in the fitting room, and so I wanted to make sure both my top and what I wore below the waist would be easy to remove if necessary. I don't know how many times I've worn something tight that is hard to get out of while clothes shopping only to get in the fitting room and realize that I have to take my whole look apart (hair, earrings, etc.) in order to get my blouse off. I've also perspired more than necessary in a fitting room struggling to get in and out of things hoping I didn't hear that tear of stitches, and so I wanted to make my outfit today as flexible as possible.

I chose a gauze top in a bright yellow hue from Old navy that has two fun rope strands in front of the neckline that I can tie into a pretty bow. The top is fairly sheer, and so I wanted to make sure I chose the appropriate bra as well. As a result, I elected to wear a soft-cup bra in white with pretty lace around the edges of the cups since I was hoping a bit of the lace design would show through. This bra also has the widest band in the back of any bra I own, and I notice that extra fat below the back of my shoulders never sags over the band of this 36C bra, so it was an easy choice. I was also glad that I decided to pack this bra for my little vacation. :-)

Along with the gauze top and bra, I decided to wear khaki shorts with a braided leather belt since I wanted to keep my look simple. I did wear pantyhose in a nude shade beneath my shorts, and I know that's normally a big no-no, but these are extremely sheer pantyhose, and the temperature was only in the mid sixties, so there was a bit of a chill in the air this morning. I'm also embarrassed to admit that I forgot to bring my leg razor, and my legs needed to be shaved, so I thought the pantyhose would help mask that a bit. On my feet I wore simple black ballet flats to complete the look, which I felt was really good for a lot of walking, keeping cool, and adding to the ease of changing in the fitting rooms if necessary.

The drive to Park City was about 30 minutes as I mentioned so I took a series of dash cam photos without my seat belt until I reached the main highway, and then when I turned onto the major road, I buckled up and put away my camera. Once I arrived at the outlets, I retrieved my camera again and did take a few more shots from the dash with some of the outlet building in the background.

These particular outlets expanded several years ago, and some of the new stores that entered the area were Old Navy, Banana Republic, Down East, Abercrombie and Fitch, and even Nike. I knew I wasn't going into the Nike outlet, but I wanted to visit the other three, so my fist stop was the new area with the aforementioned stores. The first store I entered was Down East, which was having a big sidewalk sale in front of the store. There were several women looking through the racks, but I felt really good and was confident in my look, and so mingled with them looking through racks of tops and dresses. I didn't find that garment that I had to have, and so I next walked over to the Old Navy. I was in heaven here especially knowing that everything was 40% off and so let the shopping begin.

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