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Shopping at an Outlet Mall Crossdressed

Last December was definitely a month to remember, and it's the first time that I've been able to crossdress with kids at home that extensively. Now, I didn't dress as a woman in front of my children since my wife has asked me not to do that, and so I had to juggle the time when I went out shopping as a girl around their schedules. It was also interesting trying to keep my makeup and wardrobe out in the open as the kids came and went, and but luckily I was able to mix in my items with my wife's female accessories to make everything look natural.

In December I was able to do a bit of shopping at Old Navy just before Christmas time, and I purchased a pair of pink skinny jeans and a long sleeve cotton top with thick, horizontal stripes in navy and pink. It seemed like the days I had to shop after that I wore my skinny jeans and that top everywhere, but I realized that one item I didn't pair my new top with was my favorite denim skirt, and so I decided to dress in that combination today as I ventured to some new outlet malls that just opened near my home. I was a bit worried that my outfit wasn't warm enough for the month, but the sun was shining so brightly in the morning, and I'd rather be just a bit cold than just a bit hot when I'm dressed as a girl.

Along with this new top from Old Navy and denim skirt that I happened to purchase from Old Navy as well, I decided to wear pantyhose beneath my denim skirt since the morning air can still be a bit chilly outside, so I chose a shade in nude that wouldn't stand out and then capped off my wardrobe with my simple black ballet flats (you can probably guess where I bought those too) :-) As for my hair, I've really enjoyed wearing it long and straight with a part just to the side, and so I decided on that hairstyle again today. I initially popped in my hoop earrings, but decided at the last minute that I wanted something just a bit more dangly, and so I switched to my snowflake dangly earrings since it is still the winter season. Isn't it fun being a girl and not being able to get out the door because you can't make up your mind? I just love it!

Anyway, these outlets malls are only about 20 minutes away, and so that left me plenty of time to take some pictures from my dashboard as I love to do. The morning sun was still low, and lots of the pics had funny lighting, but I'll post one here so you can get an idea of what I looked like from the dashboard of my car. As I neared the parking lot for the outlet mall, I was relieved to see just a handful of cars. From past experience, I was pretty sure all of the moms were still running everyday errands like grocery shopping because going to the outlets is usually a half day affair where you can go with your girl friend and spend the morning shopping and do lunch. I didn't have a girl friend with me, and I didn't have time to do lunch, but there were definitely a few stores that I wanted to visit.

I parked my car close to one of the main entrances and attempted to take some pictures from the parking lot, but the sun was shining directly in my face, and I was squinting so hard that the pics turned out horrible, and so I'm not going to post any here. I guess I will just have to visit the outlets again later and take more pics. :-) After I locked my digital camera away in the car, I grabbed my purse and headed down the first corridor of stores. One of the closest stores to the entrance by where I parked was a famous footwear, and so took a deep breath and headed through the doors.

Lately I've been totally obsessed with ballet flats. Not only do ballet flats lack a heel, which is really good for a girl of my height when she's out shopping, but they are making them in the cutest colors with pretty buckles or bows on the front. I don't know how many times I've been dressed as my guy self and seen a neighbor mom or female friend wearing the most adorable flats, and I've so wanted to compliment them on their shoes, but I don't because I'm too afraid it'd seem weird if my guy side was commenting on shoes exactly as a girl would. At least I'm glad that I have that natural instinct to notice a girl's shoes right away and want to compliment them, but for now, I just make a mental note on how cute the shoes were and if I want to search for a similar pair.

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