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Skinny Jeans at Old Navy

crossdressing at Old NavyOne subtlety that I really enjoy about being a girl is creating my own email accounts with my girl name and registering as a female. When accessing my email, the provider will always place ads which they think would be attractive to a woman in her forties, so it's always fun to access an account at work, for example, and have ads for high heels shoes, makeup, or lingerie display right out in the open. I don't really hide these ads from my co-workers, but sometimes I wonder if they ever put two and two together and speculate at to why I always have girl ads on my computer screen.

And even when I'm in the privacy of my home, it's still always fun to see ads appropriate to my gender, and I even understand why I sometimes get that ad showing single guys available in my area even though I always think to myself "if they only knew." And while I don't have any immediate plans to chase guys online, I frequently click on the other ads because as a woman I am genuinely interested in products that could help make me more beautiful. I would say that the most frequent ads published to the pages that I use would be those from Old Navy, and it makes perfect sense since I'm really an Old Navy girl. Though my body is aging, I sill feel really young at heart, and wearing fashions from Old Navy helps me to stay cute on the outside and also feel cute inside.

Probably the biggest compliment I get from my readers is on my fashion choices, and I believe that's largely attributed to my trying to wear clothing that matches the fashion of younger girls. Now, I don't have a lot of sequins and lace that you might see a girl under twenty wear, but I try to dress young enough to stay in style yet look appropriate enough for a woman of my age. And I believe that women's fashions from Old Navy are the perfect choice in order to satisfy my dressing goals. Not only is Old Navy extremely affordable, but they are one of the trend setters in casual wear these days, so a girl really can't go wrong by wearing Old Navy in my opinion.

Normally, I shop for my clothes from Old Navy online because I'm always getting emails from them with coupons and other good bargains, but from time to time, I just need to pay the store a visit myself and take advantage of their deals in person...all the while dressed like a girl of course. driving to Old Navy crossdressedWith so many good sales going on before Christmas time, I decided this morning that I would do a little shopping at my local Old Navy. In particular, I wanted to buy a pair of skinny jeans, and lately Old Navy has been advertising them like crazy, so it made perfect sense to shop for a pair in the store where I could try them on and verify the fit.

Since it was my intention from the beginning today to try on clothes at Old Navy, I determined that I would go out in short hair since that is the easiest to manage when trying on clothing in the fitting rooms. As for my outfit, I decided to layer a long sleeve v-neck top from Calvin Klein over a lace white cami, and then I paired that with my favorite denim skirt from Old Navy. This particular skirt ends just above the knees and is only appropriate in winter time if worn with a pair of tights, and I had so much fun wearing that black pair of footless tights to Target the other day, that I decided to wear them again to Old Navy under my denim skirt. I of course slipped on a pair of crossdressed at Old Navysheer nude pantyhose underneath it all, and then stepped into my black ballet flats to complete what I thought was a fun look for a morning of shopping.

As is customary, I'm always concerned about the time, and so I decided to visit the Old Navy closest to my home wondering if I would run into anyone I knew. I didn't on this occasion, but I still managed to take some pictures from the dashboard of my car as I drove to the store. When I arrived in the parking lot, I was a bit surprised at the number of shoppers already in the store, but with this being the Christmas season, I guess there were lots of other moms just like me searching for bargains shortly after dropping their kids off to school for the day. I knew I would need all of my courage on this morning with a busy store, but I felt like I woman, and so I slung my purse over my shoulder and entered the store with confidence.

I of course made the direct right turn after entering the store knowing that the women's things were all housed to the right, and the first shelf that came into view was stocked with the skinny jeans, or as Old Navy is referring to them in their ads, "Rock Star Jeans." There were so many bright colors to choose from including yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink, and I really wanted a pair of pink denims, but the only sizes left were size 0 and size 16. I noticed one of the workers nearby folding some clothing, and she of course was wearing the pink skinny jeans, but not all hope was lost since they also carry a line of corduroy jeans in the same bright color. And so I went over to the table with the corduroy jeans and was thrilled to find a pair of pink skinny jeans in a size 8. I grabbed the pair and held them up high as any woman would and noted that they looked awfully...skinny. Still, I know that my size in Old Navy jeans is size 8, so I put them over my arm and headed towards the fitting room.

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