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Starting the New Year Off Right

My goodness it has been a long time since I have been able to fully dress as a girl and go out into public again, and so when I had the opportunity this morning to spend a few hours as a girl, I pounced on the chance and went shopping at my favorite store, Old Navy. I actually visited Old Navy about three times in December hoping to find something cute for myself even though I was dressed as a guy, but it was as if there was this giant wall keeping me from really doing any shopping, and I realized that the mental side of me was refusing to shop for any girl things unless I was appropriately dressed as a girl. I thought about that quite a bit in December and then realized that I haven't purchased any girl things online for about three years now. My conclusion is that once a person gets a taste of what it's like to shop for girl things while dressed as a girl, they can have it no other way.

Enough of the psychological self analysis, however, because it's time to talk about my outfit. I just wish I had more opportunities to cross dress in the winter time because the fashions this time of year are so fun, but I at least had today, and so I wanted to put together a super cute outfit for Old Navy. My plan was to arrive around 9:30 AM about the time that a mom has just dropped her kids off at school and can then being a morning of shopping, so I needed to decide if I would be posing as a mom in total casual wear or a mom who got just a bit dolled up for the occasion. I really wanted to wear tights today since it's the winter time, and it makes no sense to wear them beneath jeans, and so I decided to wear them beneath my favorite denim skirt, a skirt that I wear a lot in the summer, but one that ends at the knees so it can also be worn with tights when it's cold. I have opaque tights in two shade, brown and black, and I decided that it'd be cute to wear the brown tights today with my brown Mary Jane flats.

As for my upper half, I have this really fun cropped sweater in a mustard color that has a single button just below the neck, and I thought that would add a little bit of color to my outfit, so I decided to wear that over a simply long sleeve tee in white. After showering and shaving my legs, I slipped into a bra and panties and marveled out just how good it felt to be wearing a bra again. During the winter time, I'm often able to under dress freely wearing panties and pantyhose, but there's no reason for me to be wearing a bra as a guy, and I quickly noticed this morning how good it felt to be in a bra again. I pulled on my long tee shirt and tights and then headed for the powder room to do my makeup. It's funny how a girl can forget how to apply makeup after some time off, and I must admit that I struggled a bit this morning to remember my routine. I actually failed to apply enough foundation, but I wanted to hit my goal of arriving at Old Navy by 9:30, and so I didn't take the time to redo it.

Little by little my makeup and then hair came together, and so I put the finishing touches to my attire including earrings and a wedding ring, and I was ready to take some pictures before I headed out for the morning. It was actually 9:30 AM when I started taking pics of my outfit, but the closest Old Navy to my house is only five minutes away, so I wasn't fretting too much. After snapping a few poses, it was time to grab my purse and head for my shopping destination.

I was relieved to see that the parking lot was not too crowded because I always get nervous the first time in a long time. I knew that my makeup wasn't perfect, and I was worried about my face being too chubby, but once I safely made it inside the store, I noticed myself relaxing and looking for great deals. I didn't really have anything in mind this morning, and Old Navy wasn't having a huge sale, so I started looking at tops and then moved to the dress section. I came across a darling belted Ponte dress that flared out at the waist in a pretty coral color with white horizontal strips, and I knew I wanted to try it on immediately. I found my size, took the dress off of the rack, and then headed for the fitting rooms.

Once inside, I knew that I had come "home" so to speak when I saw the silly little sticker on the dressing room mirror that said "Fit Fit Hooray...find more sizes at". The dress itself is a soft cotton with 3/4 sleeves and not meant to be layered over anything else, but there was no way I was going to peel off my long sleeve tee and mess up my hair, and so I just tried the dress on over the top. It's also not a dress that a girl would wear with tights let alone brown opaque tights, and so it actually looked a little bit goofy on me in the fitting room, but it fit nicely and is something I am going to consider buying in the future. I did snap some fun poses of me in the fitting room with the dress that I will post on the next page.

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