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4th of July Shopping at Old Navy

Whenever I have extended girl time in the summer, I like to go online shopping at Old Navy and order about fifty dollars worth of clothing and have it arrive as close to day 1 of my girl time as possible. The reason I like to spend just over fifty dollars is because Old Navy will ship everything for free if you spend that much, and it's so easy to find enough things that I want. And this year was no different in terms of shopping for cute clothes to buy, but I found that I just couldn't complete the online purchase. Instead, I wanted so badly to go into the store and buy those things for myself, and so I spent plenty of time searching online for clothing and shoes that I wanted that last few weeks, and today was the first day that I had a chance to actually go into Old Navy crossdressed to do the actual shopping live instead of doing it online.

The last time I was able to visit Old Navy while crossdressed was last winter when I found a pair of pink skinny jeans that I purchased and then proceeded to wear everywhere after that. Due to the hot weather this summer, those jeans have stayed tucked deeply in my dresser drawer, but I had my eye on plenty of tops and the latest shorts that are in style, and so I could barely sleep last night thinking about my outfit and the ultimate experience of shopping in my favorite store while dressed as a girl.

Regarding my outfit, I chose to wear a simple white tee by Izod that has some darling embroidery near the neckline and sleeves. This top fits me perfectly and it also allows my to properly display my bra underneath, and so today I chose to wear my bra from Victoria's Secret, which really makes me feel empowered. Along with my simple top, I decided to wear my favorite denim skirt from Old Navy and then I completed the outfit with the sandals that I came across a few weeks ago at a park. I also made sure to put the nail polish from Walgreen's to good use, and so the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to paint my toenails out of the shower. I don't think I have very feminine toes to begin, and so I was mildly satisfied with my painted toes, but that is just something I'm going to have to learn how to do better.

After putting the finishing touches on my look, I made sure that I had at least fifty dollars in cash in my purse just in case I found all of the items I had looked at online, and before I knew it, I was ready to go. I am really fortunate where I live because there are so many stores within minutes of my home. I live in a pretty, quiet suburb, but just down the hill is a string of commercial districts that put most of the common stores and restaurants within about a 10 minute drive, and so I barely had time to snap some pictures from my dashboard before arriving at Old Navy.

I arrived about fifteen minutes after the store opened in the morning and noticed there were already about a dozen cars in the parking lot. That didn't have me too worried, however, because it's such a big store that I knew I would have my space. I was also a lot more confident in the morning hours because the bright sunshine radiates through the front glass of Old Navy filling the store with plenty of natural light, which always makes girls like us look better. There weren't enough employees around when I entered the store to have someone there as a greeter, so I was able to head straight for the women's clothing section and begin my fun.

My first order of business was to find something that matched my sandals. Old Navy officially lists the color of these sandals as Glowing Green Neon, and so I thought it might be tricky to find something that I really liked that had the bright neon green color in it. As I browsed through the various short-sleeve tops, I came across a style they call Women's Perfect Henley's, and lo and behold, one of the tops had what looked like Glowing Green Neon horizontal stripes. There were so many different tops to choose from that I couldn't decide, which one I liked best, and so I decided to purchase one of the tops in green neon just for fun. It was also an added bonus that the tops were on sale for $5, so it was win-win for this girl all the way around.

The next item I was looking for was a pair of short-shorts. Now, when I say short-shorts I don't mean the kind that have an inseam so tiny that you're actually in danger of showing your cheeks from behind, but the styles this summer definitely call for very short shorts. I've been wearing my khaki shorts from Kohl's the last few days that have about a five-inch inseam, but a girl simply can't wear the same thing everyday, and so I shopped around for a pair of short-shorts to add to my collection. To my delight, I found a section of shorts with 3-inch inseams that were on sale for $6.95, and so I chose a pair with a pretty floral pattern in a coral color on white. I already know that my size in Old Navy jeans is 8, and so I selected a pair of shorts to add to my shopping bag. Now that I think about it, I should have tried the shorts on just for fun, but I did manage to snap a picture of me holding the shorts in front of a large mirror in the store.

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