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Nail Polish, A Bra, And A Dress

After looking at my pictures so far this summer, I've realized two things: 1) my legs need a serious suntan, and 2) if I'm going to go bare-legged then I should probably paint my toenails. I guess I'm not that concerned about my white legs since I do have very fair skin as it is, and I wonder if I love wearing pantyhose so much because they give my legs a tone and shape that I can't achieve naturally. As for going bare-legged, this is the first time that I've ever crossdressed in public without wearing pantyhose, so I'm still learning the ropes. I do think that my bare legs will look better with some pretty nail polish, and so I decided today to visit Walgreen's since they would likely have the largest selection.

Before today, I had only painted my toenails once in my life, and that was about five years ago when I had some time to myself and started going through my wife's jars of nail polish. I noticed that she is big into light colors and pastels, so there wasn't that dark red that I see so many other women wear. I eventually chose a peach shade that looked pretty, but it wasn't obvious that I was wearing nail polish. I promptly forgot that my nails were painted until I was at an activity with a youth group that required us to wade across a small river. With everyone else, I took off my shoes and socks and didn't even thing about my toenails until a 14 year-old boy gave me a strange look and said, "Are you toenails painted?". I don't know how I thought of this answer, but I said, "People ask me that all the time; that's just the natural shade of them." He seemed satisfied with my explanation, and I made sure to keep my toenails out of everyone else's view as I waded across the river and hurriedly put my socks on once I reached the other side.

Probably due to that experience and the fact that I know how difficult it is to remove polish so that there's not a single trace of it, I just haven't bothered painting my fingernails or toenails. I decided to change all of that today, however, and so after work, I prepared to make a visit to Walgreen's to purchase nail polish.

For my outfit, I chose a yellow knit top with a scoop neck and ruffle sleeves. The top also has three fabric flowers on the left side, which are kind of hard to tell in these pictures. Regardless, it's a super cute top and one for which I have to choose the correct bra. My choice today was the best bra that I own, the one I purchased from Victoria's Secret last winter. I pair this top and bra with some khaki shorts that I bought at Kohl's in February, and then I went sans pantyhose for the second day in a row opting to slip on some brown mary jane flats.

The closest Walgreen's to my house is less than five minutes away, so I had to snap some pictures quickly as I drove. You can see from this pic that I also chose to wear my poofy hair with bangs complete with the standard hoop earrings. I really like my look with shorter bangs because they give the top of my forehead volume, and I think my profile looks better with something covering my forehead instead of straight hair parted to either side.

I arrived at Walgreen's at 7:30 PM and noticed a few cars in the parking lot, but I guess I'm way beyond the point of waiting nervously in the parking lot and trying to time my entrance so I don't run into anyone. As I headed across the parking lot towards the entrance, a teenage looking boy came speeding through and gave me a wave as if to say "sorry" since I definitely had the right of way. I didn't mind his antics and entered the store with no issue. Once thing I like about the Walgreen's close to my house is that two sides of the store of high windows that let the natural light through, and so I'm always pleased with my look inside of Walgreen's.

The makeup aisle was just left of the entrance, and so I knew right where to go after entering the store. There was one other lady looking at makeup, and she looked to be about my age. She was very petite and pretty and was wearing a long cotton casual dress perfect for the summer. After making a mental note that I should shop for such a dress too, I busied myself by looking at the vast selection of nail polish without worrying about anyone else around. After looking for about 10 minutes, I finally settled on a bottle of nail polish by Revlon in a shade they call Valentines. I'm not sure how they got the name Valentines, but it looks exactly like the color of blood.

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