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Shopping for New Makeup at Wal-Mart

A typical characteristic of a girl is that she's never satisfied with her look. A good example of this are women who are addicted to plastic surgery. They get one procedure done, but then they need something else done and then something new after that, and then a prior procedure needs to be redone and on and on. My guess is that most girls who get some sort of plastic surgery are satisfied with the procedure and don't become addicted, but they will never be entirely satisfied with their look and will always be looking for ways to become prettier. I know that's certainly the case with me. I am able to pass in public as a male to female crossdresser; however, there are always those little details to work on, and I never feel satisfied with my look.

I recently posted the picture at right that shows me just outside of Shoe Carnival before I entered the store to do some shoe shopping, and I really love the picture because it's a close-up, and I really don't see anything in the pic that indicates I wasn't born a genetic female. Having said that, when I first saw the picture enlarged in its original state, my eyes were immediately directed to the wrinkles around my eyes, especially the crow's feet you can see at the corner of my left eye. I know that's being really picky, and my number one priority is to be a passable crossdresser in public, but the point a girl, I'm never satisfied with my look.

I was talking about this issue of facial wrinkles with my girl friend Danielle, and then that conversation evolved into a discussion of makeup in general, especially foundation and powder. For the last ten years, I've been using CoverGirl makeup for my foundation and powder, and I've always just purchased the two in a set at Wal-Mart. Buying them in a set means that the colors will be coordinated, and it's a lot easier to quickly pick up a packaged set when I'm trying to be discrete about purchasing makeup, which has always been the case. This method of choosing foundation and a matching compact of powder has been a satisfactory solution, but I've rarely done my makeup and stood back afterwards saying, "my skin looks great!" As Danielle and I were discussing facial makeup, she recommended that I try a higher quality brand of makeup, and she also recommended that I use moisturizer, concealer, and loose powder.

Now, Danielle is a half generation older than me, but her skin is so pretty. I noticed right away from the first pictures she sent to me that her skin was her best quality. Then, as we got to know each other better and I was able to see her live on web cam, I was able to confirm once again that she has very pretty skin. And so when Danielle gives me a recommendation on how to improve the look of my skin, I try and listen. I say "try" because I consider myself a lazy crossdresser. I seem to be content to just get out the door, and so you'll rarely see my wearing any accessories at all besides my usual hoop earrings. I readily notice pictures of other girls when they're wearing pretty jewelry and scarves, and I notice when a woman has correctly picked the proper handbag for her outfit, but for some reason I'm so eager to just get out the door that I ignore those finer details that could make me even more passable.

So getting back to makeup, I decided today that it was time to take Danielle's advice for good and finally upgrade my makeup, especially in regards to my foundation and powder. I determined that since I had the chance to dress up like a girl today for a few hours that I would go to Wal-Mart and purchase better makeup. Danielle recommended that I try L'Oreal, and then she also gave me a few shades to look at, and so today's shopping adventure was aimed at finding the perfect makeup to improve the look of my skin.

For my outfit I decided to wear a casual blouse and skirt combination, and so I chose the white top by Izod that I purchased last month when I had a weekend free to do some shopping. This top looks like a white tee at first glance, but up close you can see some embroidery along the collar and sleeves, and so it's really a cute, subtle top for a girl. It also reveals the outline of my bra well, and so I couldn't wait to wear it out, especially while wearing one of my old fashioned bras that I blogged about last month during a shopping trip. As for my skirt, I decided to wear one of my favorites, the yellow check skirt from American Eagle. I slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose to provide my legs with support, and then I slipped into my brown mary jane flats. Since I had little time today to spend as a girl, I decided to go very low maintenance and wear my hair short because that gets me out the door a lot quicker, but I did have some time to take some pics when I got home with longer hair, and I really like how they turned out, and so I'm posting a pic of me with long blonde hair here because they just turned out better.

Back to my shopping adventure, I live in the suburbs of a large metro area, and so there are Wal-Marts literally every 5 - 10 miles. The closest Wal-Mart to my home is about five minutes away, but today I decided to travel one town over just to get the feel of a new store. The drive to this other location was about 15 minutes, and I spent most of the time staring into the rearview mirror, which happened to be conveniently aimed right at my face. :-) Once of these days I'm going to get into a car accident while dressed like a girl, but that would be a fun adventure to blog about on its own.

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