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A New Dress, Skirt, and Top at Old Navy!

I had so much fun doing the dress off with Wendy, and the feedback from all of my friends has been extremely positive and uplifting. From all of the comments I've received, the majority of them also include encouragement to go back to Kohl's and buy one of the dresses. I would so love to, and maybe I can sneak back there during the holidays if the dresses get marked down to super low prices, but in the meantime, I really had the urge today to do more shopping, especially for items that I could try on in the fitting room and then purchase if it made sense. Since the majority of my wardrobe comes from Old Navy, I thought it would be fun to do some early morning shopping there and see if I could find a few good deals to satisfy my urge.

I say early morning because it was a Saturday and I had two of my children home to work around. Since both of these children are teenagers, they can easily sleep in until close to noon, and I knew they would today, so I decided to take advantage of that and slip out of the house around 9 AM, the time that Old Navy opens on Saturday. Now that I had a plan of where I would go, it was time to determine the perfect outfit for the occasion, and if you think about the types of women who would shop at Old Navy on a Saturday morning, the majority of them would likely be coming from a workout session. As a result, I decided that I would dress up in activewear as well and see if I could fit in with the crowd.

I don't have lots of activewear in my wardrobe, but I do have a fun pair of yoga pants made primarily of Spandex, and they are so comfy to wear that it doesn't surprise me to see women wearing them so often, especially when running errands. While yoga pants are a lot of fun, they do pose one problem for girls like me, which has to do with my genetic plumbing, and so I had to make sure to create a super smooth front. When it comes to that, I really don't have any tricks that I use, and I basically rely on my panties and a pair of Active Support pantyhose to do the trick. The firmer support provided by one's pantyhose, the cleaner the look she can create in the front, and so after my shower, I slipped into a pair of Vanity Fair nylon panties and then donned a pair of L'eggs Active Support in a suntan shade.

With my bottom taken care of, I chose to wear my simple tee from Old Navy in a light peach color on top. This particular top is light enough that I have to choose the correct bra, and so today I went with one of my favorites, a padded bra by Maidenform in 36C. I made sure to bring the waist of my yoga pants and pantyhose up high around my navel to create the proper waistline, and as I stood in front of my full length mirror, I really liked what I saw. Since the air outside was quite chilly, I did add a white winter coat over my top to keep me toasty, and then I slipped into a pair of black ballet flats to complete the simple look.

I was ready to go just after 9 AM, and so I quietly opened my bedroom door and listened for just a bit to make sure no one was up. The only reason that either of my children would have gotten up would be to use the bathroom, but still, there was about a five second window where I had to exit my bedroom and creep past the kids' bedrooms to make it past the stairs and into the clear. I held my breath and then dashed down the hallway, and to my relief, nature did not call either of my children at that exact moment. :-)  Once outside, I climbed into our SUV--the perfect car for a mom who works out--and then headed for Old Navy.

The light streaming into the car was low typical for this time of year, but I did manage a few good dashboard shots along the way. When I actually arrived at Old Navy, I would have liked to have taken a picture out in front of the store, but my local Old Navy faces south, and there was just no way to set up a good shot anywhere. It's nearly impossible to get a good photograph in direct sunlight, especially when you're dealing with cars coming and going in the parking lot, and so I didn't even attempt anything out front. I did notice that one of the employees was cleaning the glass on the front doors, and so that forced me into a face to face encounter from the get-go. I just walked towards the doors as any yoga mom would and said good morning as I stepped past the girl, and she didn't have a strange look or anything on her face, which made me feel good.

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