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Shopping for J-Lo at Kohl's

Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and it's also such a wonderful season to crossdress. The air is chilly in the mornings and evenings and just warm enough in the afternoon that we girls can wear such a wide variety of outfits, and so I look forward to the fall each year, especially on those days when I have time to spend en femme. I unfortunately wouldn't have the whole day today to cross dress, but for the first time in a long time I was able to spend the morning as a girl, and so I wanted to take advantage of it by doing some shopping.

As for my outfit, I was just dying to wear a skirt and pantyhose this morning because it seems like forever since I've gone out in a dressier outfit. I also have a new maxi skirt that goes down to my ankles made from a very silky fabric, and so I was dying to wear it out to do some shopping. Sometimes I see women wearing long cotton maxi skirts out in the summer, but this is a silkier skirt and a bit more formal, and so you wouldn't see girls wearing this out when it's super hot. Well, today was a beautiful fall day, but it wasn't hot, and so I finally got the chance to wear this new maxi skirt out into public.

The skirt itself is a navy color with large white polka dots, and so I decided to pair it with one of the very first sweaters I ever purchased after coming out to my wife prior to Halloween eleven years ago. This cardigan has short sleeves and buttons all the way down the front, which really adds a cute flare to the sweater. Although my legs were all but hidden, I still had to wear pantyhose today because there's nothing quite like the sensation of wearing silky pantyhose beneath a silky skirt. You rarely see girls wear these long skirts with heels just because the hem of the skirt is so long that it's a bit dangerous to wear with heels, and so it was an easy choice for me today to complete my outfit with a simple pair of black ballet flats.

With the bright morning sunshine streaming into my bedroom, I decided to do a photo shoot before I left the house. I had fun posing in my maxi skirt, and I really like the way this photo turned out that I've posted. I love it when girls subtly play with their hair, and so I attempted to capture that moment. By the time my photo shoot was finished, it was about 10:00 AM, and so I decided to say hello to a few of my girl friends via web cam. One of my newest friends is a girl named Brenda, and she also had girl time today, and so for the first time ever I was able to web came with a girl friend where both of us were dressed like girls. Talk about an exciting moment for both of us! It was actually good to chat with some of my friends this morning because I was dressed more like a working girl, and so I decided that it would be better to actually go shopping closer to my "lunch hour."

I finished chatting with my girl friends a little bit after 11 AM, and then it was time to grab my purse and head for the door. I decided to do some shopping at Kohl's this morning since it had been about a month or so since I've been there. The last time I visited Kohl's, I found a white pencil skirt from the Jennifer Lopez line that I tried on in the fitting room but didn't end up purchasing, and so I wanted to go back to Kohl's to see if it was still there. Kohl's also has endless clearance racks not only in the women's section but in the lingerie section as well, and I've purchased some wonderful bras and panties from Kohl's at phenomenal prices, so it was an easy choice to visit Kohl's today.

As I drove to my destination, I of course took the usual pictures from the dashboard from my car, and I quickly realized how bright it was to have the sun lower in the sky. It's always super bright in the summer during the day, but the sun is directly over your head, and so you don't getting it shining sideways into the car, but today, the autumn sun was shining directly on me as a drove south making it difficult to take a good picture. I did manage to snap a few that I liked, and before I knew it, I pulled into the Kohl's parking lot. I noticed that the parking lot was quite full, so there would be no sneaking around today. I just bit the bullet and took the closest parking spot I could find by the main entrance and then walked through the front doors as if I was just another woman.

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