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Hardware Store and In-N-Out Burger

At the end of last year, I purchased my first ever bra from Victoria's Secret. It had always been a goal of mine to not only shop at Victoria's Secret crossdressed but to actually make a purchase from a live saleswoman. I figured that the employees at Victoria's Secret would be more perceptive than anyone else, and I so I dreamed of getting to the point one day where I could actually go in dressed as a woman, shop as I pleased, and make a purchase without being read. I thought I was thrilled when I accomplished that goal, but I think I was even more pleased the first day I wore my new Victoria's Secret bra out in public. I actually blogged on that experience describing the bra as empowering. There was just something about that bra that emotionally gave me an air of invincibility, and I felt as if I could conquer the world when wearing it.

The reason I bring that experience up is because I had a very similar experience today with a different bra. Last summer I purchased a bra by Lily of France that was similar in color and style to the one Katy Perry was wearing in the poster to advertise her movie last year, Part of Me. The bra was teal and had the adjustable clasps in the back, and I was so enamored with the bra that I wanted to purchase one for myself. It turns out that the bra was adjustable so that it could be worn in six different ways with one of those ways being clasping the straps together in the back to from an X so it could be worn with a sleeveless top that fit snug around the neck. The other day when I was shopping at Old Navy, I came across such a top and immediately remembered that I could wear my Katy Perry bra with the straps clasped in the back to form an X, and that was largely the determining factor to my purchasing the top in the first place.

Well, today I decided to test this new look out by crossing the straps of my teal bra and wearing it beneath my new sleeveless top from Old Navy, and as soon as I pulled the top over my head and situated it properly over the bra, it was as if this magical, feminine spell was cast over me, and I really felt so girlie that I thought I could conquer the world. I actually wanted to go back to Victoria's Secret and perhaps shop for some new panties, but the closest store to my home is nearly 30 minutes away, and I didn't have lots of time to just browse around and drive a long distance both ways. Instead, I decided that I would take care of an errand that I had been needing to run as a guy but just couldn't because I've been a girl for like four days in a row.

I've received several emails the last little while from people telling me I should crossdress and go to one of those box hardware stores, but my initial reaction was always, "what would I want to buy there?". Furthermore, those stores are mostly filled with burly guys, and a blonde woman dressed nicely would certainly stand out, and I wasn't sure if I wanted that level of scrutiny. For reasons such as those, I never did have the urge to visit a guy store like that dressed as a girl, but I had an item on a honey do list that needed to be taken care of quickly, and so I thought to myself 'I may as well take care of it as a girl.' I must admit, choosing an outfit to wear to a hardware store is not something that I had ever thought of, but I had this sexy top on over an attractive bra crossed behind my back, so I may as well take advantage of the situation. Along with this new top from Old Navy, I pulled on my favorite denim skirt and then completed the outfit with my neon green sandals, and as soon as I took a look in the mirror, I felt confident that I could go anywhere and do anything dressed like this.

But first things first beginning with my journey to the hardware store to pick up a weed sprayer (insert finger into mouth and start making gagging noises now). The closest store to my home is Lowe's, and so I thought I would rush in quickly, find what I needed, and then go do something else a little bit more fun. As I approached the sliding doors at the front of the store, I could see my reflection almost as if it were a mirror, and just the site of my hair bobbing along with my gait while wearing my sexy new top from Old Navy gave me the biggest rush, and so I had to take a detour to the bathroom vanity section and find some mirrors where I could snap a few photos. After posing a bit in the vanity aisle, I next set off to find the sprayer. I located it quickly enough and then headed for the registers. On my way, I came across a box full of hallway mirrors just there right in the middle of the aisle, and so I bent down as low as I dared and took a final pic of me with the sprayer. Once that was accomplished, it was time to check out, and since there were several self serve registers open, I just checked myself out that way. I said "thank you" on my way out the store to the girl observing the registers and then headed out into the hot summer sun.

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