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New Skirts and Sandals

Well into my first week of girl time, I've really noticed that I need some new shoes. Now, I know it isn't practical for a girl like me to own a lot of shoes, but it is nice to add a bit of variety to my collection. I've been keeping my eye on sandals and flip flops at places like Target and Old Navy, but I've yet to find a versatile pair this is worth purchasing. As I was thinking about a good place to shop for shoes that have a great selection and affordable prices, I thought of Ross, TJMaxx, and Gordman's.

You've probably noticed that I rarely go to TJMaxx, and the reason is the closest one to my house is about 25 minutes away. That's the one store where it's hard to justify spending nearly an hour of drive time just to visit one place. Ross is a super fun stores, but their shoes aren't that cheap, and so I decided to pay another visit to Gordman's this morning. The last time I visited Gordman's I found two maxi skirts that I wore during the winter, and I have such good memories there that I hoped to make more in my search for shoes/sandals.

I've been wanting to wear that new navy fold skirt from Old Navy I purchased earlier in the week, and so I paired that with my half-sleeve scoop neck tee in white. I of course wanted my bra to be perfect beneath the white tee, and so I chose my Body by Victoria bra for that task. As for my shoes, I went with my conservative black ballet flats and the bare-legged look but not before slipping into those little nylon footsie socks before donning my flats. Since I seem to always be wearing those black ballet flats, I decided to post the picture of my outfit with me wearing the nylon footsie socks instead. It almost looks as if I'm wearing nude pantyhose, and my feet feel as if they're wearing pantyhose due to the nylon.

I decided to wear my hair long and straight, and then on a sunny day like today, sunglasses just had to be part of the equation. I wonder what people think when they see my driving with my sunglasses perched atop my head, but it is such a fun accessory, and it's also handy to keep my long bangs out of my eyes. I popped in my favorite hoop earrings and grabbed my purse and was ready to go.

The temperature today was forecast near 100 degrees F. and so it was a super hot morning. There are several things I don't like about the intense heat, but most of all is it's really hard to take good pictures when the sun is just beating down on you. It's hard to take good dashboard pictures, and it's hard to take pictures out in the parking lot in front of the store, but I managed to do both although neither shot turned out great. After braving the sun, I scurried into the store and found myself in the midst of racks of dresses. Yay! I picked out three that I thought I wanted to try on, but as I got closer to the fitting rooms, they were just teeming with moms and girls doing back to school shopping. There were lines to get in and you had to get a number and have the garments checked, etc., and I consider myself a brave woman, but I'm not that brave.

The biggest issues is that none of those mothers would have been comfortable with a transgendered person there amongst their girls in the fitting rooms, and I understand that. Besides, I can come back in the fall when I have more girl time and when the kids are back in school and try on dresses to my heart's content. I am always on the lookout for a fun dress to wear to Wicked, but the situation wasn't right.

After putting the dresses back on the rack, and I next moved to the shoe department and knew instantly that I had made the correct choice in coming to Gordman's. They had shoes everywhere, and it was easy to find the perfect pair of sandals. I ended up buying a pair of white strappy sandals that have a flat heel and that will go with nearly anything. The toe is also open enough to highlight my painted toenails, and they were exactly what I was looking for. This particular Gordman's also has a few mirrors in the shoe section and I was able to take a pic holding my sandals although the shoes in teh pic didn't turn out great.

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