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Racerback Bra Shopping and a New Slip!

When I was a little girl growing up in the late 70's and early 80's, there wasn't anything quite like going to the mall. Back then, business establishments were quite simple, and I don't think the concept of strip malls had been invented yet. Even grocery stores were smaller and sold only groceries unlike today where they have become one stop market places. So going to the mall was a treat, and more often than not, we parked outside one of the large anchor department stores meaning we had to walk through the department store to get into the main mall area. As we passed through the various departments in the store, we would inevitably walk down an aisle past the lingerie section, and I can still vividly remember the scenes as if it were yesterday.

Back then, bra and panty sets dominated the racks, and it was a time when women still wore slips, and so there were racks and racks of silky slips in various pretty colors and all trimmed in gorgeous lace. Pantyhose were also prominent, and I loved to look at the upside down mannequin legs on tops of the displays showing off the various colors and styles. I loved the nylons with the reinforced toe, and my eyes immediately went to the pretty lace bands around the thigh-top stockings. The stroll past the lingerie section always ended too quickly, and to me it was an untouchable amusement park that I could only dream about.

I know I have talked about this scene before in past diary entries, but there is no doubt that lingerie departments made an indelible impression on my little brain that is still alive and well today. Back then, I could only dream about one day being able to step across the threshold from the hard tile floor of the aisle onto the soft carpet of the lingerie department and actually shop for the items on display touching the soft fabrics in between my fingers and searching through bra and panty after bra and panty hoping to find my size. Today, that is one of the few dreams that I have actually been able to make come true, and so whenever I get a chance to be a girl for an extended period of time, I just have to make a trip to the department store at least once and shop for lingerie.

My department store of choice these days is Kohl's probably because there's one about five minutes from my house. I also know the layout of my local Kohl's store perfectly, so I can make great use of my time shopping for shoes, dresses, clearance items, separates, and yes, even lingerie. I wasn't sure if I was even going to purchase anything tonight, but I knew that I did want to shop for a racerback bra that I could underdress as a guy. My dear friend Rebecca has been encouraging me to try a racerback bra for some time, and having the thin straps of a racerback bra crossing my shoulders at the base of my neck is quite appealing to me for various reasons, and so if I was going to buy anything tonight, it would be a racerback bra. Or so I thought.

As for my outfit this evening, I chose to start with my pink and white striped top from Polo paired with khaki shorts that I purchased on clearance at this very Kohl's a few years ago on Valentine's Day for about $2.50. Because it was the evening and because I love pantyhose, I decided to wear a nude shade of nylons beneath my shorts. I know wearing pantyhose beneath shorts is tacky these days, but I wanted to do it, and I figured that most people would only be able to see me from the shoulders up over the racks of bras and panties. Because I was wearing nylons, I chose to complete my outfit with my black ballet flats for a fun summer evening look. As for my hair, I wore it long and straight with my bangs down to the tops of my eyes, and I was ready to go and relive a childhood dream yet again!

I entered Kohl's through the main doors, which means the women's section was to my left and the juniors section to my right. I of course chose to take the path through the juniors section just because the clothes there are so much cuter. There's probably little that I could buy from the juniors section and make work for me, but I think part of it is wanting to know to some degree what it would be like to be a teenage girl and go shopping at the department store. After noting the fun summer dresses and other separates in the juniors section, I next made my way into the heart of the store that houses the lingerie department...yay!!

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