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The Perfect Denim Skirt

crossdressing in the springIf you've noticed a pattern in the majority of outfits I'm wearing in my pictures, it's that most of my wardrobe consists of spring and summer fashions. It's not that I have a preference for this type fashion because I'm dying to be able to go out in public dressed in a cashmere turtleneck, wool skirt, thick tights, and knee-length high-heeled boots with a pretty wool pea coat over the top of it all, but my current circumstances in life just don't provide me with opportunities to cross dress in public during the winter time. I consider myself a soccer mom just like my wife, but during the cold months there just aren't those opportunities that have us bustling to the point where I can find small windows to dress like a girl and go out. As a result, I do the majority of my shopping and crossdressing in public during the spring and summertime, so it's natural that most of my wardrobe will consist of fashions appropriate for these two seasons.

With that in mind, I was able to make my first clothes shopping excursion of the year on March 15th...the Ides of March (yikes!!), and one of the items I have craved the last little while is a knee-length denim skirt. Several years ago, our family went out for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and if you've ever been there, you know that it's quite normal to wait at least 30 minutes before you can get a seat. During this particular time, it was no different, and as we waited in the foyer of the restaurant, there was a stunning woman sitting directly across from us wearing a tight brown sweater, a knee-length denim skirt, and high-heel open toe crossdressed in a mini-skirt and halter toppumps in brown. She had a darker complexion and wore her thick hair back in a ponytail, and then her earrings were gorgeous platinum hoops about 3 inches in diameter. She was such a beautiful and elegant woman, and it's funny because when most men see a woman like that, they fantasize about what it's like to be with her. When I see a woman like that, I fantasize about what it's like to be her.

Anyway, I was particularly drawn to her denim skirt, and I realized that such a garment didn't always have to be casual and could be worn in a semi-formal situation as well such as a dinner date. I loved the way she accessorized it with her outfit, and my mind immediately began racing regarding the different possibilities of owning such a skirt. And so my quest over the next little while was to find the perfect knee-length denim skirt.

I first started on eBay but didn't see anything in a knee-length. I did, however, find a full length denim skirt from the Gap with a large slit up the back and realized that such a skirt is often worn by women close to my age. It's also a fun skirt for chilly weather, crossdressing rue21 and denim skirtand since I didn't own any denim skirts at the time, I purchased it and was very satisfied with it. The next denim skirt I purchased was about two years ago when once again it was spring time and I had the opportunity to do some shopping. I was at a thrift store and came across a black faded micro-miniskirt (pictured at left). Now, I was 40 years old at the time and definitely entering my mid-life years, so the skirt was not appropriate for a woman of my age, but I just had to purchase it. Perhaps it's because I missed my teenage years and the time in my early twenties when a girl would wear such a skirt, so I was drawn to it and not only purchased the skirt but had a ball that summer wearing it everywhere. Then, last year I was looking for the perfect denim skirt again at Old Navy, but they didn't have anything in knee-length since it was too close to summertime. I did end up purchasing a darker mini-skirt with buttons down the front that I wore everywhere last summer, but it still wasn't that same denim skirt the elegant woman at the Cheesecake Factory was wearing.

Now, the whole reason I am even talking about this is because I finally found the perfect knee-length skirt (yay!!) during my first clothes shopping trip of the year. On this particular day, I had until lunch time to spend the morning as a woman. Since the weather was still chilly outside, I decided to wear a long-sleeved top from Rue 21 that I purchased last year but never had the chance to wear since it was too warm to wear in the summer. The top is a crème color with a tiny pattern of navy flowers, and then it has a fun v-neck with lace running up both sides of the neckline. I paired this top with my afore-mentioned long denim skirt, nude pantyhose, and brown mary jane flats as seen above, something a typical woman of my age would be wearing during a casual clothes-shopping outing. I next added a really fun basket purse and a pair of sunglasses perched atop my ahead, and this girl was ready to go.

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