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Shopping for Dangly Earrings

One thing that I've been worrying about lately is that I'm beginning to bore my readers because it seems as if I'm doing the same things and going to the same places over and over when crossdressed in public. I like to go to Kohl's to shop for bras and panties; I love to go shoe shopping at any departement store I visit; and then I'll always make stops at the grocery store or Wal-Mart for quick purchases. Part of the reason for this I suppose is because my goal as a crossdresser is to fit in with other women doing normal things in society, and as a result, it seems as if I'm always documenting ordinary things.

And I think the same thing can be said about my wardrobe. I tend to get stuck in the same rut choosing more casual skirts and blouses and of course always wearing pantyhose with my outfit. And then don't get me started on my earrings. A few years ago once I discovered hoop earrings, I don't think I've been outside in public wearing anything else. I think that hoop earrings make me look younger, and wearing hoops also gives the impression that my ears are pierced. If anyone suspects that I may just be a guy dressed like a woman then the obvious appearance of clip-on earrings is just one more detail that would give it away. As a result, I just can't think of anything negative about wearing large, hoop earrings.

Okay, if there is a downside to always wearing the same thing, it's just that...tedious. And so for today's adventure, I determined that I would visit the local Fred Meyer and shop for some new, dangly earrings...the bigger and fancier the better. Now, wearing hoop earrings does give that dangly feel that earrings are always present as opposed to wearing stud earrings, but I felt it was time to get out of my earring rut and go shop for some new dangly earrings.

For my outfit today, I decided to wear something colorful and fun. I've noticed in a lot of ads recently from clothing stores that bright colors seem to be in style this year instead of the usual drab earth tones and grays that we used to see during winter time, and so for today's outfit, I decided to pair a half sleeve wool sweater in a pretty green color with my yellow check skirt from American Eagle that I purchased over the summer. As for leg wear, I'm not sure why but I had the biggest urge to wear active support pantyhose from L'eggs in a suntan shade. You rarely see women wear suntan pantyhose anymore let alone in a thicker denier like the Active Support style, and so I think that I wanted to make the statement that I was indeed wearing pantyhose. I paired my suntan pantyhose with simple brown flats, and I think I made a mistake with that choice because after I got home, I tried the outfit on with short black heels, and I thought they worked much better with the nylons, so hopefully I can wear this combination out later this week.

Anyway, the final addition to my outfit was the standard pair of large hoop earrings because even though I was going shopping for new, dangly earrings, I still needed to wear something fun in my ears. As for my hair, I decided that I would wear it in medium length today with bangs, and so in a jiff, I was ready to head to the department store to shop for some new earrings.

Perhaps it is in my careless nature, but I chose to go shopping at the nearest Fred Meyer near my home. People will frequently ask me if it isn't dangerous to always go shopping at the stores closest to my home, but I look nothing like my guy self when dressed as a woman, and so I've never really worried about running into someone I know. It happens about once a year where I will see someone that I know at a store, but as long as I don't react to them, they don't seem to care about me. This particular Fred Meyer is less than 15 minutes away, and so I enjoyed the short drive snapping a few pictures along the way. You'll note that I'm wearing my large hoop earrings because for the drive home, I changed to my new earrings in the car so you'd be able to see a before and after shot.

I visited the department store on a weekday morning, and so there weren't very many shoppers yet. There was still a gentleman standing at the main entrance ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, and so that would be my first face to face encounter of the day. I smiled as I approached the man, and he returned my grin, and who knows what he was thinking. I couldn't care less because I was the one out for a morning of shopping wearing a skirt and pantyhose, not him, and so as far as I'm concerned, the score was Lisa 1, Salvation Army guy 0.

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