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Shopping for Denim and More Denim

I blogged yesterday about what it means to truly be a girl 24 hours a day, and I wish that when I have a whole week to myself that I could truly be a girl 24/7, but unfortunately there's this guy attached to me who has a job and other obligations in the community that make it impossible for me to be a girl from sunrise to sunset every day of the week. Oh that I could live full time as a woman, but since my current situation in life doesn't allow it, I must be content with carving out girl time when the opportunity arises. As such, I had a window of opportunity this morning before lunch to have a few hours to myself, and so I decided to do some shopping at the thrift store.

Thrift stores are amazing places, especially for girls like me because they provide the opportunity for us to find name-brand clothing at very reasonable prices. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shop at some outlets over the 4th of July weekend, and it only took me about 30 minutes to charge up the credit card to a point that started making me a bit uncomfortable. If I really could live full time as a woman, then I would have no problem of budgeting a certain amount of money each month and spending $35 for a top and $50 for a pair of jeans, but until I reach that stage, I just have to practical in what I spend on women's clothing, and so thrift stores are the best place for me to find the brand-names I crave at the best prices.

Since I've yet to visit a thrift store this summer despite quite a bit of girl time already, I decided that I would take a few hours this morning and do some shopping at my favorite thrift store in town. Since the US is in the middle of an extreme heat wave, my only focus this morning as I decided on an outfit was to keep cool, and so I started by choosing a very lightweight pink top with cute horizontal candy stripes and a wide neck in both the front and the back. This top is like gauze material so it keeps me very cool in the summer, but it also forces to me to make a good decision when choosing my bra. I really like the way that my breasts are presented in this top when wearing a soft cup bra, and so I chose one of my older bras in 36C that fits me perfectly and has soft cups with pretty swaths of lace around the tops of the cups.

After pulling on my top over my bra and verifying that everything was in order, I next selected a white gauze skirt to wear without pantyhose underneath. This particular gauze skirt is a bit short for a girl my age, but in this kind of extreme heat, I think it's justifiable for women to wear as little as possible just to stay cool as long as it's done in a tasteful manner. I usually wear this white gauze skirt around the house since it's perfect for lounging around and doing light cleaning, but today I felt it was appropriate to wear out as well due to the weather. Along with my white skirt, I just had to wear my new, red canvas shoes from Target with the darling white polka dots, and I must say I was not disappointed in how comfortable they were once I began walking around in them for real.

As for my hair, I chose to wear it in a long, straight style primarily because my top exposes so much of my neckline, my chest, and my upper back that I wanted the longer hair to help mask possible male tan lines and any straggling hairs here and there that I may have missed while shaving. :-) I knew that I would have the air conditioner turned up high in the car, and the store would also be nice and cool, so I only had to endure the extreme heat while walking from the car to the store entrance, and so I stayed with long, straight hair parted to one side and my usual hoop earrings to complete the fun yet simple look.

As is usually the case, I chose to visit the closest thrift store to my home because I value my time more than I do the risk of running into someone that I may know. None of my acquaintances know what I look like dressed as a woman, and I've already seen two guys that I know so far this summer at Walgreen's and Lowe's, and so I'd rather take advantage of my time to be a girl and shop at the expense of the unlikely chance that I'd ever get into a staring contest with one of my neighbors and having them figure out who I really was. As a result of choosing the closest location, the drive took less than 10 minutes, but I still managed the usual photographs with my camera propped on the dashboard of my car. When I returned home and viewed the pics from my dash, I noticed right away the havoc the cool air caused on my hair, but such is life when dealing with such extreme heat.

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