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Shopping at Costco Crossdressed

In the summer of 2011, I had one of the most marvelous times of my life. My family was away visiting my wife's parents for three whole weeks, and so it gave me the opportunity to live as a girl full time except for those boring eight hours a day when I had to go to work. While I still wore a bra and panties plus pantyhose underneath my work clothes each day, I still craved the time when I could scurry home from work and change into a different outfit more appropriate for the rest of the day and the way I felt inside. I grew so much during those three weeks, and I believe that I achieved a look during that time which would allow me to pass in nearly every situation as a male to female cross dresser who yearns to mingle in society as just another girl.

Two nights before my wife and children were to return home, she called and gave me several shopping lists of items she wanted me to purchase before her return. One of those lists contained items that could only be purchased exclusively at Costco, so I decided that in order to crown my three weeks as the girl Lisa, my final crossdressing adventure would be a morning trip to Costco to shop with all of the other busy moms out there.

a crossdresser ready to shop at CostcoThe first order of business that day was to email my coworkers and inform them that I would work remotely that morning. Working in the IT industry, it's a luxury that we have, and I definitely put it to good use on this morning. I logged in from home to my PC at work about 8 AM to check email and to go over my tasks for the day, and then I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. After my shower, I pulled a towel around my body wrapping it at the chest like a proper woman and then raced back to my laptop to monitor the happenings at work. All was still quiet much to my relief, so it was time to select a bra and panties and then apply my makeup.

As for my bra, I selected a new bra I purchased at JCPenney the previous weekend dressed like a girl and then paired it with peach nylon panties that are more practical than they are cute. This was around the time that I had begun wearing maxi pads, and for one of my adventures that I talk about elsewhere on my website, I dressed like a girl and went to Wal-Mart to purchase my very own pack of pads. The pack contained 22 pads, but since I had three weeks all to myself as a girl, the pads had run out a few days earlier. I really wanted to apply one on that day as well, so I borrowed a pad from my wife...I hope she doesn't mind :-) .

My makeup went on flawlessly, and I knew it was going to be a fun morning. Since Costco doesn't open until 10 AM, I had plenty of time to actually get some work done in between my preparations to go out. The night before, I put myself to sleep with thoughts of what I would wear for my first ever trip to Costco dressed like a girl. You know how much I love to wear skirts and nylons, but I wanted to totally fit in with the mom crowd this morning, so I finally decided to wear a pair of blue denim capris. As for my top, I debated on wearing something white so my bra could show through, but in the end, I just had to wear the pink sleeveless top with the ruffled v-neck from Ralph Lauren that I purchased a few Sundays before at Kohl's deaprtment store. As I look back at the pics I took before I left the house, it was the correct choice since my lipstick was just shimmering and perfectly matched my pink top.

driving while cross dressed in a pink Ralph Lauren topI was fully dressed and ready to go by about 9:30 AM, but I still had 30 minutes to go before Costco opened. I alternated actually getting some work done with taking pics in my outfit for the day, and before I knew it, the clock struck 10 AM meaning it was time to leave on my final adventure for the summer. Normally, whenever I venture out in public crossdressed like a girl, I just drive my own car, which is just a boring sedan, but for today, I wanted to mix in perfectly with the other moms, so I drove the family SUV. Costco is quite close to my home, but true to form, I managed to snap a few pics from the dashboard of our SUV as I drove.

I arrived at Costco about 10:20 AM and was quite surprised at the large number of cars already there. My heart literally raced as I slowly drove through the parking lot and observed the other moms dressed so cute in their shorts, capris, and layered tanks and camis. It was exhilarating to think that I too would be able to fit in with this crowd. Before I entered the store, I made sure to drive past the front entrance and take one more dashboard pic before I parked and entered the store. I adjusted the rearview mirror so that I could see my face and was very pleased at my appearance. I just knew it was going to be a fun 30 minutes of shopping.

a guy dressed like a girl at CostcoI guess things were going lucky for me that day because the spot second closest to the front door opened up just I turned the corner to that row in the parking lot. I patiently waited for the other mom to back her minivan out, and then I carefully guided my SUV into the parking stall. I took one last look in the mirror, grabbed my purse, and then was on my way for my first ever trip to Costco cross dressed as a woman.

If you've ever shopped at Costco, you know the first order of business is to secure a cart since you will be purchasing plenty of bulky items. Since it was still early, there were plenty of carts by the entrance, so I selected a cart and then promptly placed my purse in the front basket area where you could also place a small child. I pulled my Costco ID card out of my purse as I headed towards the entrance. At membership stores like these, you must show your card to get in, and there is always someone waiting at the door to check. I made sure to flash a confident smile to the lady at the door as I showed her my card. Fortunately they don't make you flip the card over so they can examine the picture on the back.

a crossdresser looking inside a mirror at CostcoAs I pushed my cart into the store, I really wanted to locate a mirror so I could confirm my look, but there was nothing close by the entrance. I decided that I had already come this far and that it was too late to turn back now, so off I went into the heart of Costco. I first went to the bakery and purchased some bread, and then I picked up the necessary fruit and vegetable items nearby. After that, it was across the entire store to the refrigerator and freezer areas to pick up milk, eggs, and a few frozen things to eat for dinner. One by one I checked the items off of my list, and when I had secured everything I needed, I went to the furniture section to see if I could find a mirror. To my delight, I found a white chest of drawers with a matching mirror on top. I stopped my cart in front of the mirror and finally confirmed my look. In all humility, I was absolutely stunning. I had assumed correctly that the natural light that pervades Costco was presenting my skin in the best possible manner. My makeup was perfect, and so was my hair, and I must have stared into that mirror for a full minute just taking it all in. I retrieved my cell phone from my purse and snapped a few shots of myself in the mirror, but they turned out more grainy than I had hoped. Still, here is a pic of me inside of Costco as seen through a mirror on top of a chest of drawers.

Extremely satisfied with my look, I made my way to the clothing section where I browsed through the women's section and then looked at the bras and panties they had available. I had already purchased enough things during these three weeks that I limited my shopping to the items on my list, but at least I know that I can return to Costco as a girl any time I want and do this all over again.

When it was time to check out, I headed for the self-serve registers, not because I wanted to avoid a cashier but because they actually do check your photo ID on the back of your membership card when checking out. If you've ever shopped at Costco, you know the area near the registers is the busiest place in the store, but I had been passing right by people and walking along with them the entire time, so I wasn't at all concerned by the large crowd. As luck would have it, a self-serve register was open so I scanned my membership card and then all of my items one by one. I paid using a credit card making sure to swipe my card and press the touchscreen with my pinky extended outwards just as a girl would do it.

With the transaction complete, it was time to walk through the maze of people just checking out and the others in line at the food area and show my receipt to the gentleman waiting by the exit. I made sure to flash him a demure smile as he looked over my receipt (and possibly as he looked over me?), and just like that, I was out the door having spent a few minutes of my morning at Costco dressed like a girl!

The final act of my morning shopping trip was to transfer the items from my cart into the back of my SUV. I had actually set up my camera and tripod in the back of my SUV so I could snap some pics just after opening the back hatch. After loading my items, I properly returned my cart and just strolled through the parking lot taking it all in. I had mixed feelings on my drive home because I had just pulled off another amazing cross dressing adventure; yet, I knew that it was now time for Lisa to retreat to the inside of my body to anxiously wait for that next opportunity to resurface and take on the world as the beautiful, confident woman she has become.

a crossdresser in the parking lot of Costco

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