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Shopping at Target for New Earrings

After writing that recent entry in my tips and advice section on how to wear pierced earrings even if your ears aren't pierced, I could really feel the estrogen flowing through me to go out and buy some new earrings, and so that's what I decided to do this morning. My good friend, Danielle, also recently had surgery on her eye (ouch!!), and so I thought it would be fun to buy matching earrings and send one pair to her in order to cheer her up and help speed up her recovery.

Today was such a chilly day, and it was raining outside, and so I knew that I would need to bundle up when choosing my wardrobe. In fact, I think this morning was the coldest the temperature has ever been when I've gone out into public crossdressed, but that's okay because it gave me the chance to wear a cozy turtleneck and tights. Before I get too ahead of myself, though, I need to mention that today was the first chance I would get to wear the Vanity Fair panties that I bought myself for Christmas. As I detailed in that diary entry, I wanted to try high-waisted panties just because I think it's important to create a waistline around the navel. The normal waistline for guys is much lower, and so a lot of crossdressers tend to make the mistake of using their guy waistline instead of creating a girl waistline.

I also like to have the waistband of my panties above the waistband of my pantyhose or tights so both don't sit on top of each other and totally dig into my skin. Anyway, I could feel the excitement at the prospect of wearing my new panties today as I shaved my legs in the shower. As for my bra, I of course chose to wear the 36C bra that I purchased at Victoria's Secret, and for the first time in a long time, the color of my bra and panties actually matched today (yay!).

As for my outfit itself, I have this super cute turtleneck sweater in short sleeves that is meant to be worn over a long sleeve least I think it is. Furthermore, since it was so chilly outside today, I decided to first pull on a long sleeve tee shirt in white over my bra and then wear the turtleneck sweater over that. I was pleased with the look, and the combination of long sleeve tee and sweater was super toasty. On my bottom half, I really wanted to wear tights today, but I wanted to keep my look casual, and so i chose my favorite denim skirt, and then paired that with brown opaque tights. Keeping with the brown theme on my legs, I slipped into my brown mary jane flats to complete my outfit.

As for my hair, I decided on a medium length because the actual turtleneck of my sweater is so high that I didn't want it to interfere with long hair, and so I chose a conservative look that is probably more appropriate for my age. I also wore smaller hoop earrings today because my favorite large hoops would surely bang around on the turtleneck, and the last thing I wanted was to get an earring caught in the fabric and have it plop out while I was shopping.

Once my hair and makeup wear complete, it was time to make the drive in the rain to my destination, which happened to be Target. I really like the selection of fashion jewelry at Target, plus it's also fun to try on shoes, browse through the clearance racks, and then stroll through the lingerie department looking at the new lines of bras. The closest Target to my house is less than 10 minutes away, and I'm glad it was a short drive because as a girl, I don't like to drive in the rain.

When I arrived at Target, I noticed that the parking lot was quite empty due to the bad weather, and that of course put me at ease knowing that I wouldn't have to rub shoulders with a lot of moms inside...or so I thought. I didn't want to go straight to the jewelry department, and so I first headed to the clothing area to browse the clearance racks and of course take a few pictures in the full length mirrors. After looking through the clothing, I next wandered over to the shoe section, and that's where I bumped into a crowd of other moms. Target had just marked down a huge selection of there shoes to 70% off, and word must have spread quickly because there were a lot of ladies in the section including me. :-)

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