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Shopping for Boots

transgender beautyI felt like a little girl the other day after buying that new top and skinny jeans at Old Navy. I wasn't able to accessorize them right away because I needed to go to work, but once I had some time to myself back at home, I think I pulled every top I own out of the closet and tried it on while wearing my new jeans. It was such a fun process to decide what worked, what didn't work, and then what really worked. After trying on everything imaginable with my new skinny jeans, I decided that my favorite combination was the jeans matched with my navy polka dot see-through blouse with a pretty swatch of ruffles down the buttons.

The jeans themselves are casual, and then the blouse could be considered semi-formal, so to pair the two together provided a fun contrast in colors with the navy top vs. the pink jeans; in patterns with the polka dot blouse and solid color jeans; and in style with a casual garment in these pink, corduroy jeans paired with a frilly, semi-formal blouse. The outfit still appears young, yet it also has just a touch of elegance and class, so there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to wear today for a morning of shopping at a local department store.

A fashion trend that I've really admired lately is long boots. I love the casual boots with the flat heel as well as the more sexy style with the high heels, and I also love the versatility of these fashion boots because they can be worn with a long skirt for a more formal look, or they can be paired with jeans creating a more casual look all the while creating a fun sense of fashion for a girl. And so today, I wanted to go boot shopping. Since this would be my first time ever boot shopping, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make a purchase, but it would still be fun to tuck my skinny jeans into a pair of boots and walk around the shoe department.

I've already described my outfit, so I will comment just a bit on the other accessories I chose today. Since this blouse is a bit see through, I needed to be careful in picking out my bra, so today I chose a white, padded t-shirt bra in 38C by Gilligan & O'Malley (Target's brand). The cups of this bra give me ample coverage, and it's also a very straightforward bra that I didn't think would demand too much attention. In this first pic transgender girl driving carthat I've posted, my bra really stands out through the blouse, but I believe that is the flash bulb from my camera creating more light for my white bra to reflect. Without the extra light, the bra doesn't stand out that much, but regardless, I never tire of seeing a pretty bra beneath an equally pretty blouse. :-) Along those lines, I would normally wear a beige bra under this blouse so it doesn't stand out as much, but I wanted to treat my bra as an accessory today, and so I chose my favorite white.

As for my legs, I've yet to try on the skinny jeans without a pair of pantyhose underneath, and now that I think about it, perhaps I should try them on bare-legged and see how they work. For today's adventure, I thought my new Spanx Love Your Assets shaping pantyhose would be perfect, and so I'm wearing them beneath my jeans. The slippery feel of the nylon not only helps me wear my jeans better, but the extra support that these Spanx pantyhose provide in the tummy area help give me a smoother front, so I couldn't go wrong wearing these pantyhose. I also liked having just a hint of nylon show through at my ankles because even though you never see women wear pantyhose under jeans anymore, this girl still does, and having the pantyhose cover my feet would also help me as I tried on shoes because I had this sneaking suspicion that I would be trying on heels along with boots.

Regarding my hair, I wanted to look as young as possible, and so I decided to wear my hair long and straight today parting it at one side and holding back my long bangs with a large, red barrette. I have noticed in the winter that there is usually more wind, and when I wear my hair long and straight, I always seem to find a patch of wind ready to blow strands crossdresser shopping for bootsof hair straight into my lip gloss, and so keeping my bangs to the side was a smart choice. After I was satisfied with my hair, the lest step was to plop in my favorite pair of hoop earrings, and this girl was ready for a morning of boot shopping!

I decided to visit the local Fred Meyer since they have a huge shoe department, and they also have plenty of mirrors where I can sit down in front of them and take pics of me trying on shoes. Going to a department store also gives me the option to browse other sections as well, and I always love to search the clearance racks in the women's section for good buys as well as wander into the lingerie department to see if there are any good deals on bras and/or panties, and so I thought Fred Meyer would be a great place to start my quest for a new pair of boots. It's also less than 10 minutes from my house, and so that would help me save some time, but I of course still managed to take some pictures from the dashboard of my car.

I arrived in the morning before there were a lot of shoppers, and that really helped to put my mind at ease although I should just get over the paranoia of being read and simply enjoy the fact that I'm out in public completely crossdressed as a girl. As a child, I would walk through a department store in the mall with my parents and fantasize that I could make time stand still for everyone except me so I could try on pretty clothes to my delight, and now that I actually am able to stand inside of a department store wearing nothing but female clothing from the inside out means I need to step back and realize my childhood dreams have come who cares what gender I was born into genetically?

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