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Shopping on Black Friday

Something that I've always wanted to do is to go shopping on Black Friday as a girl. Not only could a girl find some great bargains, but I think just being caught up in the crowds and the excitement would be so much fun. The problem is that I've never been in a position to go shopping on Black Friday en femme...that is until this year! Due to my mother-in-law's unexpected surgery (it was not major I'm happy to say) over the Thanksgiving holiday this year, I finally got my chance to go shopping on Black Friday as my wife flew home to be with her mother.

The last few years, Black Friday shopping has actually started Thursday evening around 6 PM, and that change in tradition is really what enabled me to go this year. Even though my wife was away, I had the kids at home, and so I really needed to be around Friday morning when they woke up. As a result, I determined to do my Black Friday shopping starting late Thursday night after the kids went to bed.

My original plan was to visit the nearby outlets, which opened for shopping at 9 PM. Because shopping at outlets requires a lot of walking outdoors to get from store to store, I decided that I really wanted to wear a pair of tights and a skirt. Black seemed like the best color for tights, and so I decided to pair them with a gray skirt that ends just above the knees. This particular skirt has some cute pleats in the front and is actually quite dressy. With my lower half determined, I next needed to choose a blouse to wear. I finally decided on my sheer blue blouse with white polka dots and lots of ruffles around the collar. I knew I would have to wear a winter coat with my outfit, and so if I kept it unzipped, I thought the ruffles would look cute peeking out from the coat.  When I wear this blouse, I also love to match it with a teal bra and panties underneath.

The final piece to my outfit was a gray knit hat that matched my skirt. As I posed for pictures in the hat and my winter coat, it started getting super toasty, so I tied my hair up into tight in a bun near the base of the neck to keep it off of my shoulders. My large hoop earrings provided the final touch, and so I patiently waited Thanksgiving night for the kids to go to bed, and once the final bedroom door closed around 11:50 PM, I dashed into the bathroom to do my makeup. By the time I was ready to leave it was about 12:30 AM, and so my final task was to sneak out into the hall and make sure no one was stirring in the house. All was quiet, and so I grabbed a gray Coach purse and then headed for the outlets.

I was curious if the late hour would affect the crowds at the outlets, but as I pulled into the parking lot around 1 AM, the place was just bustling with people. I found a decent parking spot and then figured it would just be fun strolling around the grounds in my cute uniform. As I walked, I noticed that the crowds were all younger people in their twenties with some mom and daughter combinations and quite a few groups of Asian shoppers. To tell you the truth, I felt a bit out of place because nobody else was alone, and I was easily one of the oldest people walking around. I found a bench next to some Christmas lights and took a few selfies to calm my nerves, and then I just people-watched for a few minutes enjoying the sensation of crossing my legs in tights in the chilly night air.

I finally determined that I need to go somewhere, and so I chose the Famous Footwear store since I really wanted a pair of boots. Famous Footwear had lots and lots of boots, but the cheapest pair that I could find was $59.99. Earlier in the day as I looked through all of the ads in the Thanksgiving Day paper, I noticed that most stores had boots as doorbusters starting at $19.99. Due to my dissatisfaction with the prices at Famous Footwear and my general uneasiness at these particular outlets, I decided to hop in my car and head to the mall instead. The drive to the nearest mall was about twenty minutes away, and I didn't arrive there until about 1:45 AM. I decided to try JCPenney since they had a lot of boots advertised at $19.99 and the Dillard's wouldn't even open until Friday morning.

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