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Shopping for Tops to Wear with a Black Bra

Since my last shopping trip to Gordman's where I purchased two new maxi skirts, I couldn't wait to go out shopping again while wearing one of them. Though these maxi skirts can be worn in the summer with a cute pair of sandals, they also go well with warm weather clothing, and I even get to sneak on a pair of pantyhose beneath the long skirt with a pair of flats. So I was really excited today to be able to wear one of my new skirts and go shopping for new clothes to wear later this year.

I wanted to appear more casual today because you rarely see a woman out shopping by herself dressed up, and so I picked what I thought was the more casual of the two skirts, the white one with navy stripes. Because the skirt has a striped pattern to it, I needed to choose a solid top to pair with it, and when it comes to my winter wear in solid colors, I really only have this white long sleeve tee. I don't mind wearing this tee, of course, because it forces me to pick the correct bra to wear beneath it, and I chose one of my favorite soft cup bras, one that I purchased from JCPenney a few years ago while dressed en femme.

Along with this simple top and skirt, I decided to wear a pair of suntan pantyhose underneath with a pair of black ballet flats. The cherry on top if you will was the fact that I got to wear a slip beneath the skirt! It's just so hard to put together an outfit these days that requires a slip, so it felt good to be able to step into my pretty white lacey half slip and wear it under my maxi skirt. As I walked back and forth in my room in front of the full length mirror, the half slip really provided the perfect liner to keep my skirt flowing properly down the length of my lower half. I of course took a picture of the slip beneath the skirt, and you can just imagine how fun it was to wear this combination today.  I think it will also be nice wearing this maxi skirt half-slip combination sans pantyhose in the summer right after I've shaved my legs.

With my outfit determined, it was time to put the finishing touches on my hair, grab my purse, and then head for the door. My destination today was the thrift store, a place I love to visit because I can gather up an armload of clothing and then tuck myself away inside of the dressing room for an hour trying everything on. It's the perfect place to pick up brand name clothing at cheap prices, and I never know what kind of bargains I'm going to find going in. I only know that I'll be treated to a fun morning of shopping en femme. The location of the thrift store closest to myself is actually further away than most of my other preferred destinations, so it took about 12 minutes to drive there. Of course, I rarely mind driving cross dressed as a girl and it always gives me time and different angles from which to take pictures from my dash cam.

When I arrived at the thrift store, I was a bit surprised at just how many cars were in the parking lot, especially for a slow, Thursday morning, but I've faced crowds before, and I was confident in my look as I hurried across the parking lot feeling my long skirt swish this way and that against my silky legs, and just that sensation alone made it worth the trip. But I was a girl on a mission, and so I headed into the thrift store and started with the racks of tops.

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