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Spring Shopping for New Tops

The last month I've really had a case of the post-dressing blues. And what I mean by that is I get so much enjoyment when I can dress like a girl that it's a super big disappointment when it's time to take everything off and cross dress as a guy again. It just feels so natural to me to shave my legs in excitement in the morning, slip into a bra and panties after my shower, and then do my make-up and hair in preparation for the day ahead. But as fulfilling as that can be, I know that the time will come when I have to take it all off, and it's really difficult to do that especially when I know I'll have a month or more when I can't dress again, and so I like to refer to that mood as the post-dressing blues because it's so easy for us girls to get down.

But enough of the sad talk because today was a major yay! day for me since I had the morning to myself and the perfect opportunity to dress as a girl. When I have about a month off in between days to dress, the number one item on my list is to go shopping, and spring is always a fun time to look for cute tops and skirts to wear for the upcoming season, and so today I decided to go to my favorite thrift store and shop for good deals on tops and skirts.

Since I expected to change clothes a lot today out shopping, I decided to wear my hair short just to keep it out of the way. I know it's not as flattering a look on me, but I actually like that it doesn't make me look as pretty because mentally it helps me to just slip into anonaminity and enjoy my time shopping for girl clothes. But first things first...I had a new top today that I was really excited to debut, so I'll start there in talking about my outfit. This particular top is from Maurice's and is a 3/4 sleeve cottom top in white with a wide neck. There are tiny pleats around the neckline which are super cute, and then the top actually has a wide waistband to it that helps to create a smoother waistline.

Because I wore a white top today, I knew that my bra would show through, and so I next needed to pick out the correct bra. I actually reached for my Victoria's Secret bra at first, but that bra works with anything, and so I decided to wear a bra that I haven't worn out in about two years. This particular bra is from Target and in a size 38C. This particular bra also has shorter half-cups, which makes it a bit more difficult to create the perfect figure, but I wanted to give it a try to see how it looked under different tops, and so I chose this bra for my outfit.

As for my skirt, I hadn't worn my red wool skirt in a long time and since it was a typical blustery spring day outside, this skirt would help to keep me warm. Beneath my skirt I wore nude pantyhose since I didn't want my nylons to stand out, but I wanted to shape up my legs and keep them warm in the chilly breeze. I would also be lying if I said I didn't once think about walking outside wearing nylons and feeling that wonderful sensation of having a breeze blow on my legs. :-) Keeping in line with a very casual, demure look, I chose to wear brown mary jane flats to complete my lower half. I also made one more change from my normal look in that I decided to wear short, pearl earrings. Lately I've been on this kick of either wearing my hoops or wearing something dangly, but it's very easy to catch these types of earrings on my clothing when changing in the fitting room, and so I decided to wear my large pearl earrings and call it good.

Since this was the first time in a long time for me to dress, I needed to put together a purse with all of the essentials, and I was really disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take my new cell phone. The reason that I had the morning free is because my wife was chaperoning the school symphonic band to a concert today, and she wanted to use the 3D features in my Nexus phone to take video of our child playing the flute. Luckily, I still have my old phone, and so I didn't put up too much of a fuss knowing that I'd rather dress like a girl with an old phone then not have this opportunity at all and a shiney new phone. And so I packed my old phone, a hair brush, and other essentials in my purse and then headed out the door.

I made good time this morning in my preparations and arrived at the thrift store about twenty minutes after it opened. I knew from experience that the moms would trickle in throughout the morning, but there were only a few other shoppers in the store when I entered. I immediately went to the tops section and started browsing the racks as fast as I could. I learned this tactic from my wife, but the trick in a thrift store is to rifle through the hangars as fast as possible only looking at the tag on the garment. If it's a namebrand tag, then you stop to examine the rest of the garment to see if it will work in terms of size and style. In this manner, a girl can look through hundreds of tops and then choose some name brand styles that always look better on the body.

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