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Selfies of a Crossdresser

a selfie of a crossdresser shoppinging in Old NavyIn the last few months, I've become aware of the term "Selfie" which can be defined as taking a spontaneous picture of oneself with a cell phone or iPod in order to post it to some form of social media. Some people say that you can also call it a Selfie if you take a picture of your image using a mirror, but regardless of the definition, I realized that I have been taking Selfies of myself for the last little while with the purpose of posting the good ones to entries in my online crossdressing diary.

In my particular case, I'm going to define a Selfie as a picture taken using the front-facing camera of my cell phone where I must extend my arms outwards in order to create the picture. I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures taken from inside fitting rooms and clothing stores using a mirror and the rear-facing camera of my phone like the ones posted here, but for this particular diary entry, I will define a Selfie as a pic taken from the front camera of my phone with arms extended.

I would venture to guess that I've posted about 10 Selfies to various articles over the last six months, but I've taken a lot more than that. The problem with taking a Selfie in my case is the front-facing camera in my cell phone has about 1/3 of the pixels as the rear-facing one, so my Selfies tend to often turn out blurry. Many of them also have a blue-ish tint to them, which can happen when you take a Selfie in a shaded area, and it's hard to post a picture to my diary that's largely blue. A final problem is there's no way to take a Selfie without exposing one or both of your arms, and since my arms still have lots of freckles, I don't like to see them up close in a picture.

Still, as I've heard the term Selfie more and more in the media, I thought it would be fun to go back and review all of the Selfies I've taken while crossdressing in public and then create a gallery where I could post twenty of them in succession and then explain what I was doing when I took the picture. Some of these pictures you will recognize if you've followed my diary entries since the summer, but most of them are pics that I've never published just because I didn't consider them as perfect.

I'm a bit self-conscious about the pictures I post because like any girl, I want them to perfect, so when you have a crappy camera close to your face and you must snap a picture with your arms extended unnaturally, it doesn't make for very pretty pictures. Still, I like how the Selfies are up close and personal even if they do reveal some of my physical flaws. I think what makes the Selfies so fun is the fact that I've only ever taken them when I was truly enjoying being a girl out in the real world, so without further adieu, snuggle in close and enjoy twenty Selfies of me taken over the last six months. :-)

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