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Wearing a See Through Blouse at Costco

I notice that I seem to repeat my crossdressing adventures, especially when it comes to shopping at the same stores. My philosophy in my cross dressing is to do the things that an ordinary girl would do since I consider myself another ordinary girl. And so one of my favorite places to visit while crossdressed in public is Costco. Previously, I would have been terrified at the mere thought of dressing like a girl and going to Costco because there are always so many people there, but all it takes is to do something once, and then it becomes addicting.

On this occasion I decided to wear a see through blouse with a satin bra underneath in a teal color. This is the same type of bra that Katy Perry is wearing in the poster promoting her movie, and I talk about purchasing this bra while crossdressed at Kohl's in my blog. As for the blouse, it's a pretty blue blouse with fun white polka dots and a gorgeous swath of ruffles at the neckline, but it is definitely a see through blouse. The teal bra works well beneath the blouse because the colors are so similar, and so it gives me the chance to wear this pretty blouse and still keep things tasteful.  You can see the outline of my bra in the pictures below, and I'm always pleased when the presentation of my bra beneath my blouse looks natural.

I paired this blouse with my favorite denim skirt, nude pantyhose, and brown mary jane flats. As for accessories, I turned to my usual hoop earrings and a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head keeping my straight hair back behind my ears. I'm really pleased with the way these dashboard pictures turned out, and I can't stress enough that natural light is the best condition for girls like us to take close-up pictures of our face.


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