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Crossdressing Tips and Advice

a crossdresser providing tips and advice on cross dressingIn this section of my diary, I will provide cross dressing tips and advice focusing on areas where I have the most experience. A lifelong cross dresser, hopefully I can provide some meaningful advice for those who are just beginning to explore this part of their lives and guide you along the path to becoming a successful crossdresser in public.

I'm definitely not an expert in makeup, hair, or fashion, but I have developed my new half to the point where I am able to successfully venture out into public crossdressed as a woman. Hopefully, I can draw upon my experiences to form much of my advice and help you become more passable in the process.

I am also one who has come out of the closet to my spouse to some degree about my cross dressing, so I likely have some advice to contribute as a married cross dresser with multiple children. I have spent long hours both day and night considering the psychology of cross dressing and wondering how well I handled certain situations and what I would have done in hindsight, so hopefully I can help those who are facing similar situations in their lives as genetic males who identify with the female gender.

In the right column of this page, I list up my various diary entries offereing advice and tips, but I would love to hear some of your own experience as well. Furthermore, if you have any cross dressing tips, advice, experiences, etc. that you feel would benefit others, please email them to me, and I will create a new category for them.

As a young child, I dreamt of the day when I would actually be able to venture out into public dressed as a woman from head to toe, and now that my dreams have come true, I hope to help others fulfil their crossdressing desires as well. So kick off your shoes and let's see if we can share ideas and become prettier girls than we already are now! ;-)

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