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Creating Passable Hair as a Crossdresser

It is debatable as to which aspect of a cross dresser's look is the most vital in order to pass as a woman in public, and I suppose this could differ depending on the girl, but while I fret about many things associated with my appearance, without question I worry the most about my hair. In fact, before I go out it's easy for me to spend up to 30 minutes styling my hair and examining it from every angle possible using a handheld mirror until I feel as if it looks perfectly natural. And since I do get asked quite a bit whether or not I wear a wig or if my hair is natural, I guess all of the meticulous work pays off.

Since my main goals as a crossdresser are to venture out into public, mingle with society, and be accepted as just another woman, I will write this advice column from that perspective. And even if your cross dressing is limited to your home for one reason or another, hopefully I can give some advice to girls just starting out that will help them present a more realistic appearance and produce some fabulous pictures because in the end, there's nothing quite like gazing at the picture of a beautiful transgendered individual...especially if it's you! So in order to make this advice column applicable to everyone, I will discuss the different styles, techniques, and lengths that I implement in my appearance just to give other girls out there a few ideas of what you can do and what works in what settings.

Short Hair
Most of you will likely not believe me when I say this, but I am most passable in very short hair. I know I don't look as pretty as when I have long, blonde hair, but in terms of being passable, short hair is the safest bet. First, there's less to deal with meaning less can go wrong. Second, short hair is very unassuming, and so it doesn't attract as much attention from others. And third, the older women get, the more practical they become and maintaining short hair is definitely practical and easy, so that's why women keep their hair shorter and shorter as they age. If you are over the age of 40, you can't go wrong with short hair in my opinion. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't or couldn't try other hair styles since I do that myself, but having a short-hair wig in your stash is very beneficial.

I've also found that when I go out shopping and I know I will be trying things on that require me to pull tops on and off frequently, it's so easy to do that in short hair. You really can't mess short hair up; if you need to remove your wig and put it on again in a fitting room you can with minimal maintenance; and the shorter the hair the cooler your head feels. It can get a bit warm trying to pry yourself out of a dress that's one size too small in a department store dressing room (I know this from experience), so having short hair makes that dilemma easier to deal with. When I know I will be in a situation where I'll be actively changing clothes and/or I don't want to risk being read at any cost, I will wear my hair short. The final benefit of wearing your hair short is you know if you're able to pass in a short wig, you can pass as a woman in public regardless of your age. I know that one day I will eventually have to retire my long, blonde hair, but when I do, I've already got the perfect back-up plan. Now, moving to a gray wig is an entirely different story, but I'm still about 30 years away from that decision...I hope.

Medium Length Hair
As I mention above, the older a woman gets, the shorter she tends to wear her hair. How often do you see a woman over 60 with hair beyond her shoulders? It's very rare, and when you do, she's probably wearing war paint for makeup and a ton of jewelry because she just can't accept the reality of life that people age. In order to be as passable as possible when dressing as a woman, it's imperative to have hair that fits within your age range. Since I believe the majority of us are middle-aged women, it makes sense that our hair length should gradually be getting shorter. Now that I am in my early forties, I have decided to try a medium-length hair style that best befits my true age. I still haven't mastered the medium length do, but I'm comfortable wearing this out now in public because it's very suitable for a woman of my age. Furthermore, medium-length hair is still diverse enough to where you can maintain bangs and also put a fun curl at the bottom of the hair in order to add a bit of flare just as I've done in the pic at right.

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