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Here I post pictures of me in a black thong and lacey stockings.

My Crossdressing Hair Styles

crossdresser hair styleIt is debatable as to which aspect of a cross dresser's look is the most vital in order to pass as a woman, and I suppose this could differ depending on the girl, but while I fret about many things associated with my appearance, without question I worry the most about my hair. In fact, before I go out it's easy for me to spend up to 30 minutes styling my hair and examining it from every angle possible until I feel as if it is perfectly natural. And since I do get asked quite a bit whether or not this is my natural hair, I guess all of the hard work is paying off.

I will write this entry from the perspective of a cross dresser whose number one goal is to venture out and mingle with society and be accepted as just another woman. And even if your cross dressing is limited to your home for one reason or another, hopefully I can give some advice to girls just starting out that will help them present a more realistic appearance and produce some fabulous pictures. In order to do this, I will discuss the three main styles that I implement in my appearance just to give other girls out there a few ideas of what you can do.

Regardless of hair style, I am of the opinion that a girl should always show her ears, and I don't think I have a single picture of myself where you cannot see at least one of my ears. Not only does exposing the ears open up the face, but it lets you wear pretty earrings that add so much to the appearance of a beautiful girl.

cross dresser hair styleLet's start with my first hair style, which is simply letting my hair down. This style requires no special adjustments since gravity does most of the work, but there are still different ways to present one's hair even if you just let it fall down. For instance, my hair is naturally curly; however, if I brush it crossdresser hairenough, I can brush out most of the curl and give a largely straight hair presentation as seen in the picture at left. If I want more curl, then I simply tease the hair again or shake it well, and it will quickly revert back to its natural state, which is best illustrated in my hair style in the picture at right. Regardless of whether I wear my hair curly or straight, I always brush it out, and as mentioned previously, I always put my hair behind my ears.

a crossdresser's hair styleAnother fun way to add some style to hair that is hanging down naturally is to use a hairband to keep the hair away from the face and behind the ears. A hairband also keeps a wig firmly in place, and it pats the hair down in front making it more poofy in the back (is poofy even a word?). When I was in college, I had two wigs that I "borrowed" from the mannequin closet at work. I was still a novice at the time and was never really able to wear the wigs convincingly until one of my girlfriends left a simple black hairband in my car. I crossdresser hair stylesapplied the hairband to the more passable wig I owned and was amazed at the results. The biggest effect was that the it kept the hair at the front of my head pressed low and out of the way while forcing most of the hair to the back, which provided a similar effect that you would get by pinning on a hair extension. A final benefit of hairbands is that they come in such cute styles that it's fun to accessorize them with your outfit for the day. I'm also of the opinion that hairbands make you look younger, so I'm all over that : ) .

crossdressing hair styleThe next hair style I want to talk about is one similar to what Sarah Palin uses so well. Now, I don't have thick, beautiful hair like hers, but the first time I copied her hair style, I immediately fell in love with it. The style is simple to do and can be used with any length of hair as long as it is long enough to clip up in back. In order to achieve the look, you insert your thumbs into your hair slightly above the ears and pull the top portion back similar to a pony tail. Instead of fastening the hair with a band, which could cause it to stick out, you fasten it with a clip forcing the hair to fall downwards along with the hair at the back of your head that hasn't been clipped. I have a gorgeous rose clip that I use for this style, which not only aids in creating the look but provides for a feminine accessory that adds to the overall appearance.

The benefit of this style is that it pulls the hair tight to the head in the front opening up the face and giving a similar effect to the hairband; yet, it still allows a girl to wear her hair down. Furthermore, it removes more hair from off of the shoulders and forces it to the back of the head, which also makes it easier to show off pretty earrings. Also, in the summer time when it can get unbearable to have all that hair around your neck and shoulders, this style pulls most of the hair away from the neck and shoulders but still gives the appearance of letting your hair down. It's such a cute style and the one I most often use when I go out now.

The final style is the ponytail, which is very straightforward. When shopping for a wig in my opinion, it is best to purchase a versatile style that allows you to pull the hair back into a ponytail. I've noticed that most sites online tell you that the wig can be worn multiple ways.

crossdresser in a ponytailThe benefits of the ponytail are many. First, it presents the girl in a younger look. Next, it will keep you the coolest in the summer. I've noticed that wigs aren't so hot even in the summer if the neck is completely exposed due to my hair being pulled back into a ponytail. Another advantage of the ponytail is that it completely exposes the ears and puts the emphasis on the face. It's also fun to wear large hoop earrings or other flamboyant earrings that would normally get tangled in longer hair. Finally, you need something to hold the hair back into the ponytail, so that gives a girl yet another opportunity to add that extra accessory. Finding a pretty ribbon that matches your top and tying it in a large bow around the ponytail fastener is beyond cute.

Some things that I have yet to try but hope to do so in the future are lace wigs and hair extensions. One of my very best girl friends, Aimee, has a beautiful blonde lace wig that is so natural it makes me jealous just to look at it. The benefit of a lace wig is that it gives you a natural-looking hairline, especially in the forehead area which is imperative if you hope to become a passable cross dresser. I always wear my hair with bangs to hide my forehead, but you can achieve the most natural look by pulling the hair away from the forehead presenting a natural hairline that is created with the lace wig. The only negative about the lace wig is the cost, but you do get what you pay for. For cross dressing just in the home or excursions outside only at night, a lace wig is not necessary, but for a girl who wants to improve her chances at passing in public, it's a necessity.

Regarding hair extensions, my current blonde wig is full enough to where I don't need to make it any thicker, but one look I absolutely love is hair pulled tightly back with a large rooster tail at the back of the head. This look is most often achieved with a hair extension that can be clipped at the back of the head. I have yet to implement this style, but it is one of my short-term goals.

In conclusion, I've found that the areas where I spend the most time in order to become a passable woman are the areas that pose the biggest risk of being discovered. For me, making hair look perfectly natural is the hardest look to achieve, but once you learn how to do it, the sky is the limist as to what you can do dressed as a woman out in the every day world. Good luck girls!

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