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Here I highlight my cross dressing wardrobe.


My Slips

a cross dresser in a pink slip and shiny suntan pantyhoseI remember very early in life crossdressing with my mother's slips. In particular, she had a pink half slip with lace around the bottom and around the slit that was just gorgeous. Because I was too small to really fit into my mother's dresses or skirts, I would often sneak that pink slip from her drawer and wear it as a skirt so to speak. I loved the look of that pink slip when worn with suntan pantyhose, and it goes without saying that the nylon fabric was as soft as silk.

In high school when I began working at that department store as I mention on my history page, I purchased a white full slip and wore it to bed nearly every night with pantyhose, panties, and a bra. It was one of those clip-it slips that comes with about three rows of extra slip and lace at the bottom so you can shorten it to the desired length. I vividly remember wanting to clip the slip to knee length so I could wear it with some of my dresses and skirts, but I just couldn't bring myself to clip it.

I currently have four slips in my collection: two full slips--one pink and one beige--and two half slips both in white. One of the half slips hangs just below my knees and is the one I wear with long skirts and dresses, and the other half slip is quite short and the one I wear with knee-length skirts. As I did in high school, I will often wear a half slip to bed with pantyhose of course. A crossdresser can never have enough slips in her closet, so these are the slips that I've collected so far.

cross dresser in a pink slipThe first slip I will profile is my pink full slip. I purchased this in Japan along with some bra and panty sets that I talk about elsewhere. This slip is 100% nylon and has quite a bit of lace around the bottom and up towards the midsection to make it absolutely stunning. I wear this slip any chance I get, and I'm always tempted to let the bottom show beneath my skirt because the lace is so gorgeous. It's also quite narrow, so it's another garment that I own that ensures I keep my weight in check. Wearing this slip with a pair of shiny suntan pantyhose is a crossdresser's dream for sure.  It's one of those items that you see and just have to buy. 

cross dresser in a beige full slipMy next slip is another full slip in beige that I purchased at JCPenney. It's 100% nylon and has small lace running all around the bottom and cup area of my breasts.  This slip rarely gets worn anymore because I love my pink full slip so much. I did purchase this slip before I purchased the pink one, so this slip did get a lot of use in its day. At the height of my crossdressing in front of my wife, I would always wear this slip and sometimes walk around the house with just a top on so the bottom half of this slip would become my skirt so to speak. I often wear this slip to bed as well instead of my pink slip to save the wear on tear on the pink one.   

cross dressing lace slipsThis slip is the longer of my two half slips and has a wide band of pretty lace at the bottom. I bought this slip at Walmart when I was dressed like this. I wear this slip with my long skirts and dresses because it helps them to flow so pretty. I also like half slips because they don't hide my bra up top. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I love how pretty bras look from behind, so whenever I wear a white or light-colored top, I try not to cover my bra with a full slip so it can show through from behind. I guess it's a fun dilemma for a cross dresser to have. Do you wear the full slip so as much nylon as possible is touching your body? Or do you wear the half slip so you can give your bra a pretty presentation from behind? 

cross dresser in a half slipThis last slip in my collection is my short half slip that I wear with knee-length skirts. I also purchased this from Walmart when I was dressed like this. I remember going early in the morning about 7:30 AM when hardly anyone was there and browsing all through the women's clothing and lingerie section. I had just enough skirts that were too short for my other slips, so this is the latest one I've added to my collection. It's not a pretty slip, but it's one that I needed to wear with many of my skirts. In several of my fashion shows, you can see this slip beneath my skirt or dress when I'm sitting down and crossing my legs.   

Now that I've finished with this entry, I've realized that I don't have a black slip. That will give me incentive to go shopping for one and post my adventure in my diary :) . Click here for a larger picture of me modeling all four slips. 

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