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Below I link to cros dressing moments and life as a cross dresser.

On this page I will link to miscellaneous diary entries regarding my cross dressing experiences both past and present.

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under dressing a camisole and pantiesUnderdressing (or under dressing?) is a new term that I've seen on the internet that refers to men who wear women's panties, bras, pantyhose, and other lingerie beneath their regular male clothing. I'm sure the psychology of underdressing is the same for crossdressing, but there are obviously times when there is too much risk in dressing as a female out in society, so for those situations we girls do the next best thing: underdress.

In fact, I'm guessing that a majority of cross dressers actually began the practice as underdressers. I vividly remember wearing my sister's nylon panties any chance I got beneath my regular clothing. I even wore her panties to school for the first few years until I was rational enough to understand the implications of being caught in them. And even though I stopped wearing panties to school, I often changed into them the minute I got home.

In junior high and high school, I never did under dress to school, but I often changed into a bra and panties as soon as I got home if I knew I wouldn't be playing with friends that day. Once I entered college, I took my underdressing to the next level meaning I would wear a bra, panties, and pantyhose to class under my regular male clothing. At times, I wanted to be a girl so badly that I wouldn't even wear socks so I could see my nude pantyhose covering my ankles as I sat down.

It was during college that I realized under dressing was a form of stress relief for me. Whenever I took an exam, I was always underdressed, and I still remember that when I struggled with a certain question on a test, I would look down at the pantyhose covering my ankles as if that would give me some relief. I would under dress when giving oral reports in college, and I even underdressed when defending my thesis.

After graduating from college, I continued to underdress to the office although that was limited to just panties and dark shades of pantyhose and tights that I would wear under my suit as there was too much risk of having my bra show through my dress shirt.

I also found that I would tend to underdress during other so called leisure activities that caused stress such as gambling or watching a sporting event that involved my favorite team. I also have a pair of pink panties that I refer to as my lucky pair, so often my wife asks me if I'm wearing my lucky pink panties, and the answer is usually "yes!" :) .

In my experiences as a crossdresser, I have accomplished quite a few things that require some courage such as dining out while crossdressed, attending the theater as a woman, and shopping for clothing and lingerie dressed as a woman. However, there are still many activities that I hope to accomplish while crossdressed as a woman. Here are some of the items on my crossdressing to-do list that I have yet to experience while dressed as a girl but have experienced for the most part while under dressed:

cross dresser to-do list

I have played tennis numerous times while wearing panties, and I have played golf while wearing a bra and panties underneath. I wear a bra and panties with pantyhose nearly every time I fly on an airplane, but I'm always dressed as a male on the outside. I've also changed into bra and panties after a workout, but that was in one of the bathroom stalls where no one could see. I have even walked across a carpeted men's locker room in pantyhosed feet, but one day I would like to change into a pair of panties out in the open.

One of the items on my to-do list that I think I am close to accomplishing is to go skiing dressed as a woman. That would be an activity with a low risk of being discovered since you can choose to cover up most of your body including your head, but I could just imagine the thrill of skiing down gentle slopes while fully dressed as a woman. Until then, I have to be satisfied with my underdressing while skiing, but one fun aspect to that for me is that my wife actually agrees that it's smart to wear pantyhose beneath my ski outfit for extra warmth. Whenever the two of us go together, it's not uncommon for both of us to be dressed in a turtleneck or sweater on top while parading around the house wearing pantyhose or tights on the bottom waiting until the last moment to don our bulky ski pants before we leave the house.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph myself with my hair and makeup done as a woman, so I will show the evolution of how I underdress for skiing.

In the picture at lower left, I am wearing a white turtleneck with a matching white bra and panties and L'eggs Active Support pantyhose in taupe on my legs. Normally when I go skiing, I unfortunately don't wear a bra, but I had to be a lady and wear one for these pictures.

In the center picture, I have added a pair of thick ski socks over my pantyhose. I don't wear these socks until I get to the resort and am ready to pull on my ski boots. I love lifting my ski pants up to my knee to expose my pantyhosed leg while I pull these socks on one at a time. For some reason, I am not embarrassed at all if anyone sees me wearing nylons at the ski resort.

In the picture at right, I am fully dressed and ready to go!

a cross dressing skier

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