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My Cinderella Story

crossdressed at CinderellaOne of my most favorite things to do is attend the theater. I love arts and entertainment, and I love the way it moves me emotionally and spiritually whether it's a beautiful painting, a stunning performance on the big screen, and most of all a girl standing center stage amidst a single spotlight pouring out her heart to the audience in song. I just gives me chills to think about it, and so when I can attend the theater crossdressed as a girl, it seems to tie all of the pieces together, and I finally feel whole.

crossdresser outfit for the musical CinderellaFor that reason, whenever I know that I am going to have extended girl time, the first thing I do is search the arts and entertainment events in my city just praying that a Broadway musical will be passing through town during my girl time. And I'm ecstatic to report that the musical Cinderella was in town during my girl time this year, and so I've saved the best for last: an account of my attending Cinderella crossdressed as a girl.

Now during the discussion of the greatest musicals of all time, Cinderella would surely not make anyone's list, and I must admit that before I attended the musical today, it was nowhere near the top of my list, but as I sat in the theater today and listened to the words and the struggles of Cinderella, I felt such a personal a crossdresser posign in her Cinderella outfitconnection to her, especially when it comes to achieving the impossible.

I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's start from the beginning: my outfit. I always love to wear a dress and heels to the theater, and I actually purchased a dress a few months ago when shopping with Heidi that I thought would be perfect for such an occasion, but during that same shopping trip, I also happened across a skirt from Banana Republic that is just the cutest thing I've ever worn. The primary design of the skirt is horizontal navy and white stripes, but the hem of the skirt is adorned with pretty, bright flowers in red, yellow, teal, and magenta, and the beauty of the skirt is that I can wear a color top that matches any one of the flowers.

driving crossdressed to the musical CinderellaAt the beginning of my girl time as I tried on various tops with this skirt, the color that made my eyes pop the most was yellow. I have a yellow top from one of my favorite brands, DownEast, that has darling ruffle sleeves and two pretty flowers near the left shoulder, and when I paired it with the skirt, I knew I had my outfit for Cinderella. The final pieces were a pair of sheer pantyhose and modest black heels, and I was ready to go.

The theater hosting Cinderella is actually a brand new structure in our city, and today was the first time that I had ever attended this theater. As I was researching places to park, I figured that I would have to park crossdressed while walking in the big citya few city blocks away from the theater, and so I was looking forward to walking along the city streets for a bit in pantyhose and heels. As I neared downtown, the temperature was already in the 90's, and so I tied my hair into a ponytail and clipped it up in the back to keep cool. While walking through the heart of the city, I took selfies along the way enjoying the shade of the tall buildings as my heels clicked along the pavement with people everywhere on the sidewalks.

As I climbed the theater and opened one of the large doors, my first reaction was one of disappointment. "This looks like a library," I thought to myself, and I even took a picture of the atrium just so I could show everyone, but as I entered the actual theater and took my seat in the first row of the third tier balcony, I became breathless at the wonderful scene surrounding me. Though the architecture was modern in design, the interior of the theater was gorgeous highlighted by a ceiling dotted with stars.  I just knew that it was going to be a special afternoon.

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