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Photo Shoot Among the Autumn Leaves

My favorite season of the year is Autumn without question. I love the harvest and enjoying fresh food from our vegetable garden; I love the weather as it cools down, especially the chilly mornings and evenings; and then I love to view the leaves changing colors. I don't get as many chances to be a girl during the Fall, but it's still my favorite time of the year. I was fortunate enough today to have a few hours around lunch time, and so I decided to fix a little picnic and then take a trip up the canyon to view the fall colors, or what was left of them.

With it being so late in the season, I missed out on a lot of the reds and oranges, but there were still enough yellows and brown contrasted against the pretty pine trees that it was worth a visit for a quiet afternoon alone with the colors. The more I thought about just enjoying a few hours outdoors as a girl, the more I wanted to try and pull off a quick photo shoot with all of the pretty colors, and so that meant I next had to choose an outfit.

I was really drawn to my blue and white striped jersey dress that I last wore shopping to the Polo factory outlet store, but it's hardly an outfit to wear in the chilly Autumn. I still wanted to wear it for the pictures, however, and so I pulled on the dress and then slipped into a pair of pantyhose in a nude shade. It would have been too chilly to go bare-legged; yet, I didn't want my pantyhose to be a distraction, and so I chose to go with the nude shade. As for my shoes, I slipped into my white wedge sandals that I bought last year that have about a 3" heel. Because the heel is so high on these sandals, I have yet to wear them out in public where I know I will come face to face with other people, but I thought the photo shoot with the fall colors would be perfect since I would mostly be by myself.

I quickly strapped up my sandals and then stood in front of the full length mirror for a final check of my outfit. As I moved here and there, I noticed just a bit of friction between my dress and my nylons, and so I retrieved a white half slip from my drawer and stepped into it. The slip felt much better beneath my dress, but the darn thing would nearly ruin the entire photo shoot as you'll find out later.

Satisfied with my outfit, I next focused on my hair. I thought wearing it long and blonde would be the best options, especially with these high heels. When my makeup and hair looked good, I next dashed to the kitchen to warm up some food for my picnic. I knew by the time I made it up the canyon, the food wouldn't be super hot, but I still wanted to sit there in the serenity of the mountains with my legs crossed and enjoy my lunch, so I quickly put together a lunch fit for a queen.  The final step was to grab my tripod, camera, and purse and I was finally ready to go.

This particular day was very warm and sunny outside in the valley, but once I began driving up the canyon, I could feel the chill in the air. I was thankful to be wearing nylons at least, and I started questioning myself as to whether or not I should have worn a cardigan over my dress. As these thoughts were going through my mind, I was surprised by just how many people were in the canyon. Like me, many of them had their cameras and had come to take portraits with the pretty leaves in the background, but in time, I found a beautiful spot near the creek with plenty of fallen logs, boulders, and even bridges that would provide the perfect backdrop.  Excited at the prospect of my pending photo shoot, I took a quick selfie of myself in the mountains and then went to work.

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