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In The Mood For Pink!

One of the biggest changes in the fashion industry for females over the last decade has been the introduction of the bra as a fashion accessory and not just a utility garment to keep a woman's breasts supported. And while bras have become popular items to show off even if just a glimpse, I recently read a study from a French organization that claimed bras weren't necessary for women and that they actually hampered the presentation of the breasts over time. As for me and my thoughts, I will always embrace the wearing of a bra simply because I haven't been able to do so for the majority of my life due to my birth gender.

Starting a few years ago, I started purchasing more and more camisoles because I wanted to participate in the fashion trend of layering tops, and then I wanted to try at least once going out in public en femme wearing a camisole with my bra straps showing. Honestly, I'm getting too old to be letting my bra straps show beneath a cami or a tank, and I don't have the slenderest body to really pull the look off well, but I have tried it a few times just because. I'm beginning this diary entry in this manner because I just purchased a new, pink bra from Victoria's Secret, and I of course want to wear it out as soon as possible. Since it's autumn now and not appropriate to wear just a camisole, I had to settle for wearing my pink bra underneath a normal top, but in commemoration of my new purchase, I decided today to put together a fun outfit entirely in pink and run a few errands.

I first started with a pink pair of Jockey panties, which are actually cotton, but there one of my favorite pairs. After protecting them with a panty liner, I next strapped into my pink bra from Victoria's Secret and admired myself for just a bit in the full length mirror. Next, I chose a pink sleeveless top by Ralph Lauren with pretty ruffles lining the v-neck, and while the straps of this sleeveless top are too wide to reveal my bra straps, I was at least wearing pink on pink. Next was my skirt, which is the same skirt I wore the other day to Victoria's Secret. The cut and color of the skirt are probably a little bit too young for a woman my age, but I was having fun thinking about nothing but pink. To cap off my outfit, I decided to wear my red and white polka dot flats, and while the flats themselves aren't exactly pink, when paired with the rest of my outfit, they actually look more pink and red. I was so excited after having put together the outfit that I remembered to take some pictures of me entirely in pink.

After my impromptu photo shoot, it was time to leave the house, but to be honest, I was a little bit embarrassed to wear this outfit in public just because I thought it might attract too much attention. As a result, I really couldn't think of a good place to go. I always like to go shopping at places like Ross, but there are so many women there, I was worried about being scrutinized. I mean, I know the mindset of a girl because I am one, and I know how we think when we see another girl who is dressed a little bit out of the ordinary, and so I just couldn't make up my mind (another female trait?), and so I decided to run a simply errand and go fill up my tank at Costco.

Costco is actually less than five minutes from my house, and so I brainstormed the best I could during the drive trying to decide where to go tonight but wasn't having much luck. When I arrived at Costco and stepped out of my car, I was a bit taken aback at how strong the wind was. I was really worried about my hair getting too messed up and I needed to pay attention to my loose skirt because the wind was strong enough to blow it up too high if I wasn't careful. As I was filling up my car, I left the door open so I could take pictures at the pump from the dashboard of my car, and in this pic here you can actually see my hair blowing around. The wind was also super chilly, and I was sorry that I wasn't wearing nylons. After my car was full, I got back in the driver's seat and noticed how messy my hair had become, and so I decided to quickly return home to fix my hair and to pull on a pair of pantyhose.

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