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Reflections from a Baseball Mommy

Last night I was attending my son's baseball game, and after the Autumn sun went down, it got super chilly. All of us moms bundled up while all of the boys on the team tried to be tough by refusing to wear jackets or long sleeves beneath their jerseys for warmth. My wife called my son over in between innings and tried to force him to put on his long sleeve Under Armour jersey, but he kept refusing insisting he wasn't cold yet.

She finally relented and told our son that he would have to put the long sleeves on eventually. As he escaped back to the dugout, I turned to my wife and said give me the sleeves, and then I tucked them underneath my down jacket around my tummy area to keep them warm so that when my son did need them, he'd be able to put them on nice and toasty.

One of the other moms sitting right next to us watched me do this and got this surprised look on her face saying, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you thought to do that. That's something that only a mother would do." She didn't realize the impact that her statement had on me, but I wanted to reach over and give her the biggest hug and say, "Thank you for noticing."

I'm sure this other mom's comment didn't register with anyone else including my wife, but it made the rest of my night. I know many people assume that I look rather feminine even when I'm not in girl mode, but I am as genetic a guy as they come. I do keep my weight in check; I do make sure my bodily hair is properly maintained; and I don't emphasize any masculine features like facial hair or toned muscles, but I'm still a guy on the outside most days of my life. Inside, however, it's a completely different story. I'm reserved, tender, sensitive, conservative, and in a word...motherly. So, to have another mom validate these feelings of mine with her sweet remark nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Her timing also couldn't have been better because our family was pulled in different directions today due to various activities involving our children, and so I was able to steal a few hours of time this afternoon to watch my son's baseball game as a girl. The way it works when I'm able to watch baseball as a girl is as follows:

My son's team is scheduled to play a double header on a Saturday. Each game lasts two hours, and so we're at the ball field for four hours straight. Furthermore, the coaches like to have the boys there one hour prior to the first game to warm up, and so that becomes five straight hours at the park. Often we will car pool with other families on the team, and so if we can get our son a ride with someone else, that opens up a five hour block of time where I can quickly spend some time as a woman, watch my son's first game and part of the second game, and then quickly drive home to change back into guy mode so I can make it back to the park in time to pick him up.

This strategy only works when my wife is away tending to other kids' activities and when my son's team plays at a park close enough to home to allow me to play SuperGirl and quickly change back into guy mode without anyone knowing. It's risky I know, especially since I'm at the same complex with other families we know well, but I either sit on the opposing sideline from our team or sit in the outfield away from all of the parent action. It's exhilarating to be able to watch the game as a girl, and then it's even more fun to talk about the games with my son later on that night. This is something that I can't do every week, but like a drug addict who needs her fix, I saw an open window to be a girl today, and so I took it.

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