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Increasing Signs of a Girl

The first step for me in applying my makeup is to use a concealer around the corners of my eyes and the sides of my nose in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and shadows that may occur due to the bone structure of my face. After the concealer, next comes a liquid foundation by L'Oreal on my entire face and forehead followed up with a matching powder from a compact to set the foundation and create a more matte finish to reduce shine. Well, a few days ago as I was applying powder to my face, I noticed a small metallic circle appear in the center of the powder as I ran the applicator sponge around it indicating that it's almost time to replenish my foundation and powder.

Two days after this occurrence, I was reapplying my makeup again for another outing, and this time as I was doing my eyes, I ran the applicator through my blue eye shadow and noticed that same metallic circle appear in the center of the case meaning that I had reached the bottom of my eye shadow as well. I thought it interesting that within just two days, I could see signs that different components to my makeup were running out and that I would need to replenish them soon.

If the depleting makeup wasn't enough, I also noticed that my pack of Always Ultra Thins is nearly out, and at the time of this writing, I only have six pads left. I actually remember purchasing the blue eye shadow for my wife several years ago because she wanted to give it a try, but since she has brown eyes, I assume she really didn't like the look, and so she has been using earth tones and grays ever since. As a result, I gladly took over possession of the eye shadow, and it has played an integral role enhancing my blue green eyes. As for the maxi pads and L'Oreal makeup, I specifically remember purchasing these items last September when I had a few consecutive days of girl time to myself.

The Always Ultra Thins came with 44 pads in the package, and with just six pads left, that tells me that I have had approximately 38 days of girl time in the last 11 months. I say "approximately" because some of those pads were used on days last winter when I went skiing. You've likely read this in other areas of my blog, but when I go skiing, I will always wear panties and either pantyhose or tights beneath my ski pants for warmth and support. Wearing panties and pantyhose on chilly days is something I do with my wife's full blessing, and she will even launder these items for me, fold them neatly, and then place them back in my panty drawer or pantyhose drawer as she puts away the clean laundry. What my wife doesn't know is that I always wear a pad when I wear panties, so I keep my Always Ultra Thins hidden from her, and then sometimes I will get really brave and sneak a panty liner from her little basket instead of wearing one of my pads.

Anyway, I would guess we went skiing about 7 days last winter, and on most of those days I was wearing one of my own pads, but I do remember borrowing a panty liner from my wife on more than on occasion. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when I do the math over the past past 11 months, I've had approximately 30 days of girl time if I measure that by how many pads I've used from the original 44 and the rate with which my powder has depleted from its case.

To think that I can spend one month out of every year as a girl is almost unthinkable to me, but it's a sign of how far I've been able to come out of the closet and spend quality time as a male to female transgendered individual. Previously, I would replace my makeup items just because they were getting so old whereas now I'm identifying the need to replace makeup due to use! It's a short message today, but I just wanted to express how lucky I feel at being able to connect with the female inside of me with increasing frequency. It tells me that she is real and that the increase in days where I can dress is a result of the girl bursting from within and my further recognition of the need to let her out.

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