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Pantyhose Here and There

a man in shiny suntan pantyhose and ladybug slippersMy routine when I have time to dress as a girl seems very redundant. I wake up, slip out of my pink nightie, and then hop in the shower. If I have kids at home--which is the case this week, then I will dress into bra and panties, a unisex top, and then a pair of Danskin exercise pants that my friend Aimee gave me. While I cool down in these clothes, I will fix the kids breakfast and then get them sent off to school. Since my work situation is quite flexible, I will usually take an hour to 90 minutes in the morning to do my makeup and hair and then go out into public crossdressed and run an errand. The reason it seems as if I always go to the same place is because I'm just fulfilling the role of an every day mom, and so I go to every day places.

After my girl time, I transform back into a boring guy and head to work. If I know it will be a quiet day then I will wear a bra and panties under my clothes at work, but regardless of how I'm dressed at work, as soon as I arrive home I dress back into a bra and panties and then unisex clothing, which means women's clothing that could pass as regular guy clothes too. After putting the kids to bed, it's my girl time again where I can dress how I please and just relax with a cup of tea in front of the television or the computer. I've noticed lately that when I have my nightly girl time that I always gravitate towards the same outfit. A simple white top over a white bra, my brown cotton tie skirt, and then suntan pantyhose underneath. I usually wear Active Support pantyhose by L'eggs at night because I really love the massage they give my legs. Anyway, I thought I would post this fun photo of me wearing my regular girl clothes with some cute ladybug slippers.

To change the subject and actually get to the point of my reflections today, in a recent blog entry I talked about how my wife borrowed my pantyhose one Sunday morning to wear beneath her dress as we attended church. Since that time she has borrowed them again and again, and the other day, I noticed that she had caught one of the legs on something, and so it created one of those small, dark lines in the nylon fabric that signals a run in the pantyhose is near. I guess I mention that because my wife must be harder on her pantyhose than I am. :-)

Anyway, since she first borrowed nylons from me, I've had several fun experiences that illustrate how my wife has completely accepted the fact that her husband wears pantyhose, so today while I must give my face a rest, I will blog about the obvious signs here and there that lead me to believe my wife fully accepts my wearing of pantyhose and tights as normal behavior.

crossdresser in a little black dressThe first experience came when I was cleaning out my car the other day, and in that small compartment in between the two front seats where one would keep a tube of lipstick, some tissues, a hairbrush, etc., I discovered a small Ziploc bag that contained a pair of my pantyhose. I had totally forgotten about them, but it was a pair that I took with me when I went to see the musical, Wicked. For the musical, I wore a little black dress with a pair of nylons in off black, but it was such an important evening for me that I decided to take a pair of pantyhose as a backup just in case something happened to my off black pair. I ended up choosing a pair of L'eggs sheer to waist in a suntan shade and putting them in a Ziploc bag to protect them.

I'm not sure why I didn't put this backup pair of pantyhose in my purse, but as I was cleaning out my car, sure enough I discovered them in the little compartment between the two seats. Now, my wife borrows my car all the time, and we both use that little compartment for tissues mainly. We still have young children who get runny noses, and so we've always kept tissues and wet wipes in that compartment for emergencies. My wife normally drives an SUV, but when my car is available, she will always take it because it gets much better gas mileage than our SUV. I can't count how many times she has borrowed my car from the time I went to Wicked until the time that I discovered the pantyhose in the car, but there is no doubt in my mind that she had to have come across them at some point when using my car.

She never did say anything to me, which tells me that her finding a spare pair of pantyhose in my car is as normal as finding a box of tissues. It was not only fun to discover a forgotten pair of nylons, but it was even better knowing that my wife saw them in my car and didn't even bother to mention it because it is now a natural occurrence that I wear pantyhose too.

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