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Poses in a Flower Garden

The other day I purchased a new pair of summer sandals in white that have lots of straps and that buckle around my ankle. The sandals also fall under the category of wedges with large corked heels that are really comfy. The sandals are just perfect in every way except they make me three inches taller, and when you're already in the 99th percentile for height among girls, adding three inches is quite a jump. As a result, I don't dare wear my new wedge sandals out in public yet, at least to a place where I will be mingling with other people. For a certain event like the theater where every girl is wearing heels, I might be able to pull it off, but for now, I am going to have to work on my on confidence before going out en femme at 6'1".

Still, like any girl who has just made a new purchase, I was dying to wear the sandals out somewhere, so I thought I would spend a serene evening in a simple outfit that would work with my new wedges. I wanted to match my top with the new sandals, and so I chose one of my favorite casual tops, a simple white cotton tee by Izod that has a little bit of embroidery around the neckline. This top also requires the correct bra underneath, and so I chose a can't miss in my Body by Victoria bra from Victoria's Secret. As I've mentioned before, I always feel empowered when wearing this bra, so I was off to a good start. Along with this white top, I chose my poufy skirt from DownEast that I seem to be wearing ever other day now, but it's just so darling and feminine that I haven't quite tired of it yet. For the final touches, I did decide to wear a pair of sheer nylons in nude, and I know that is a bit of a faux pas with open-toe summer sandals, but pantyhose just make my legs look better, and so slipped into a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections.

Since I wasn't going shopping tonight, I decided to pack a small dinner and enjoy the evening at a flower garden near my home. When I say flower garden, I'm referring to the grounds of a wedding reception hall near my home, and there they have park benches, flowers, pretty scenery as a backdrop for the bride to take wedding pictures, etc., and while I wasn't dressing up as a bride tonight (perhaps some day?), I at least wanted to take some fun pictures with a pretty background. I ended up leaving the house a bit later than I had hoped, and the sun was already getting a bit low in the Western sky, and so I needed to move quickly if I was going to have enough light for some pictures.

As I neared my destination, I was relieved that no one had planned a wedding for a Thursday night, but I did notice that very few of the roses were in bloom. They must have just gone through and trimmed the older flowers from the bushes because there was barely a rose to be found anywhere, but there are still enough pretty places to take pictures that I wasn't too disheartened. Since my dinner was still hot, I found a bench and ate my dinner in the shade enjoying the feeling of being outside and dressed properly. As I ate, I began thinking of different backgrounds for my photos, and as people drove or walked by, I didn't pay them any attention, after all I was just another girl enjoying my evening. When I finished my meal, it was time to grab my camera and tripod and see if I could come up with any pretty poses wearing my new outfit.

I had to remind myself throughout the photo session that I was still a girl and that I needed to appreciate just being outdoors on a perfect summer evening wearing a skirt and cute heels, and so in between pics, I did take time to sit quietly and just take it all in. I really don't have much more to say regarding the evening, and so I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking for this diary entry. :-)

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