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Dimensions of Being a Girl

men who wear bras2012 has been a wonderful year for me in terms of finding time to be a girl. I feel like a girl inside every day of the year, but I don't always get to dress according to my gender identity, and so when I do get those chances to dress like a girl and venture out into public, I consider it a great blessing, and so looking back on this year, I've made more progress in 2012 than any other year when it comes to improving my look, adding to my wardrobe, and getting out in public crossdressed as a girl. I've also been able to dress properly in the winter time this year, something I haven't been able to do for nearly four years, and it's been lot of fun wearing tights and sweaters out again as I shop and run my errands.

Earlier this month, I blogged about going to the post office dressed as a girl and mailing two tops to a dear friend of mine, Danielle. I had purchased two tops from Old Navy online last year, and when they came in the mail they were just too darn big for me. They were still cute, though, and brand new, and so I kept them around before finally asking Danielle if she wanted to give them a try. Danielle thought that it would be fun for us to sort of share clothes just as two sisters might do, and so I sent her the tops talking about the experience in my diary. I actually got the idea to send the tops to Danielle because she had indicated that she was preparing a care package for me, and so I wanted to do something for her as well.

a cute crossdresser in a shrugWell, Danielle's care package arrived before Christmas, and I must say it was loaded with everything a girl likes: clothes, makeup items, and of course chocolate! Part of the contents of her package were the pretty hat, scarf, and glove set that I am wearing in the picture above and the shrug I am wearing in the pic at left.  I'd love to document all of the things she sent me in this entry, but there's just not enough room to scratch the surface. It's so wonderful having dear friends, and I would also be remiss if I didn't mention another very close friend of mine, Aimee. I can best describe Aimee as an artist and a perfectionist, and I have learned more from her in terms of improving my look than from any other girl. If you ever notice a change in my image like wearing my hair long and straight with bangs to the side, it's probably safe to say that Aimee had something to do with it.

present for a crossdresserProbably the biggest thrill of taking my story online and posting my diary for the world to see has been the interaction I've had with other girls. Throughout our lives as crossdressers, we experience different dimensions of what it's like to be a girl. For example, our very first experience is likely wearing a pair of panties borrowed from our sister or mother when we were a small child. That is a new dimension for us that stimulates us to explore more dimensions like next trying on a bra or wearing a pair of pantyhose. After we become masters of under dressing, we then seek a new dimension like wearing women's clothes outdoors even if we do it late at night, wearing pantyhose underneath our suit to the office, or wearing a bra beneath a nice sweater at a restaurant.

As we live our lives, we are always discovering these new dimensions of how exciting it can be to experience life as a girl, and surely one of the most fulfilling dimensions is being able to share ourselves with others, whether face to face or online through simple notes, emails, or chats. I would have never known what it would a crossdresser at Christmashave been like to think like a girl when expressing her thoughts or writing like a girl if I didn't have the chance to correspond as Lisa. I'm extremely grateful for everyone who has reached out to me and made my life as a woman more fulfilling by allowing me to express my deepest thoughts and correspond with you just as a genetic woman would with her own friends.

I'm absolutely thrilled when I receive an email from a fellow sister who says something to the extent of, "I'm living my life as a girl vicariously through your adventures and experiences," and that doesn't excite me because I'm the one who is living the adventure, it makes me feel warm because I've just made a connection with yet another individual who grew up with the same confusion and struggles as I did because we are all in this together.

And so during this holiday season, I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows me and reaches out to me. I am touched by the vast existence of people who were born into bodies similar to mine but who identify with the fairer gender. We are an amazing sisterhood, and so regardless of what extent we are able to live our lives as women, please be grateful for those dimensions you are able to experience and know that you are not alone. Here's to another wonderful year in 2013 where hopefully we can all take our crossdressing to that next dimension.

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