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Crazy Night at the Ballpark

Fall is such a wonderful season to be a cross dresser, and I only wish that I had as many opportunities to venture out into public en femme during Autumn as I do during the summer. Still, I value any girl time I can get regardless of the situation, so I was happy to have an evening to myself to be a girl. As I was contemplating what to do or where to go, I thought that it would be fun to go watch another little league baseball game. That's something I did on the afternoon of the fourth of July, and I had the funnest time not only watching the game but mingling with the other spectators all the while dressed as just one of the moms, and so I thought it would be fun to spend a relaxing Saturday evening at the park. Besides, sitting outdoors dressed as a girl without a care in the world is very refreshing, and it also gives me plenty of time to take lost of pictures. :-)

Since I knew that none of the other moms would be wearing pantyhose to the park (I would be proven wrong!), I decided to create my outfit knowing that I would be going out with bare legs. I decided to wear the same dark denim mini-skirt that I wore to the game in July because it's not super short; yet, it's such a comfortable garment and perfect for crossing my legs while sitting in a lawn chair. I decided that my neon green strappy sandals would be the most suitable thing to wear on my feet, and so to color coordinate with my sandals, I decided to complete the outfit with my short-sleeve button down top from Old Navy that matched my sandals. This particular top is very thin, and so it gives me the opportunity to showcase my bra. This is the same top that I wore a few weeks ago when I purchased Carefree panty liners, and on that occasion I wore a soft cup bra that wasn't as prominent beneath the top, but for tonight's game, I decided to wear my Body by Victoria bra from Victoria's Secret since it provides the perfect presentation for a woman who wants to look her best. Along with this outfit, I decided to just part my hair to one side and let it hang down straight, and so I was ready to leave the house in good time.

As I was getting ready this evening, I noticed that rain clouds were forming in the sky, and it was getting visibly darker, especially for the early evening, and by the time I actually left my house and climbed into my SUV, I could actually smell the rain in the air. I decided to take a large umbrella just in case, and that turned out to be a smart decision. As I drove towards the park, the first few drops of rain pattered against my windshield, but I still went ahead with my plan because storms where I live will come out of nowhere in the evenings, but they rarely last longer than about 20 minutes. The park was only about eight minutes away from my house, so I made it there in good time, and after finding a good parking space, I retrieved my purse, a lawn chair, and the umbrella and headed towards the ball field looking for a strategic place to sit.

I set up along the third baseline a fair distance away from the bleachers, but there were still several people nearby on blankets and lawn chairs. I was the last one along the line, and I situated myself like this to stay out of the main fray and to take lots of pictures. Back in July when I did this same thing, once other families began filling in the spaces around me, it was hard to take nice pics with my camera and tripod, so I had to take quick shots with my cell phone, which never turn out as good. I think the pending storm was keeping several people in their cars where they could watch from the parking lot, and so there definitely weren't the crowds tonight, which was good. About two minutes after getting settled and just as I began to snap pictures, I heard the beautiful sound of high heels clicking on the pavement behind. I watched as a mom in her mid-forties came hurrying up the sidewalk dressed in a white cotton blouse, navy pencil skirt, nude pantyhose, and black chunky heels.

As I stated before, this was the last place I expected to see a woman wear a skirt and pantyhose, but it just goes to show that many women will run errands on their way home from work, and so for those times when you just want to wear a skirt and pantyhose out into public even though it might not be appropriate, posing as a working woman is one way to do it. I was so excited to see a woman dressed so nicely that I took a picture of her with my camera. She had already passed by me and was looking the other way, but you can see how nicely she was dressed. A few minutes later, this same beautiful woman started walking back in my direction on her way to retrieve something from her car, and so this time I made sure to take a picture of myself with her in the background as seen in the pic above. Talk about a fun little diversion!

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