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My Cinderella Story (Page 3 of 3)

As I exited the theater with the crowds, I continued to smile as I saw all of the little girls dressed in their princess outfits, and I smiled for the beautiful women that they can become. I felt good as I walked back down the city streets towards my car, and it seemed as if I stopped to take a selfie in every store window. After turning the corner towards the parking area, I walked past a salon that I didn't notice prior to the musical because I was in such a big hurry, and there were lots of girls in the salon getting their hair done or getting their nails styled, and I could see my reflection in a mirror right there in the middle of the salon. I just had to take a picture of it despite what the people in the salon were thinking.
crossdressed and walking down the city streets window shopping
As I continued to walk along the city streets, I remembered the words of the fairy godmother as she transformed Cinderella's dress into a beautiful gown and as she produced a beautiful carriage and white horses from a pumpkin and four white mice. Cinderella and her fairy godmother were singing the song, Impossible, where Cinderella simply can't believe everything that has just happened to her, but in the midst of the song, the fairy godmother proclaims to Cinderella, "You can change it all; you can make it all happen!"
scenes while watching the musical Cinderella crossdressed
By the end of the musical, Cinderella sings a reprise to the song Impossible, and now the words change from Impossible to It's Possible. Yes, it's possible, and that's why I felt so uplifted in the end.

I can change things, and I can make them happen.

So many years ago it wasn't possible for me to even imagine attending the theater in a large city dressed completely as a girl, but I made it happen. I made it possible. You can change it all, and you can make it happen, and all it takes is a little bit of magic...the kind of magic that I witnessed in the eyes of those little angels surrounding me today.
crossdressed downtown while driving in a skirt and nylons
What an incredible way to bring my extended summer girl time to a close! I felt complete as I found my car and began driving home with the catchy tune still playing in my head between Cinderella and her fairy godmother singing back and forth to each other, "It's's possible!" I looked down at the pretty flowers on the hem of my skirt and the sun catching my nylons just so creating the most magical look, and I just had to smile again and echo the closing words of the song, "Impossible things are happening every day!!"

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