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My Cinderella Story (Page 2 of 3)

girls in box seating at CinderellaBut the best part wasn't even the architecture and design. I literally took my seat in the midst of a sea of girls, many of them dressed up like princesses. Growing up as a little girl in the 70's and as a teenage girl in the 80's, the Disney Princess boom had yet to begin, but as I looked around the theater, I could see the impact that it had on the little girls who crossdressed among the girls at Cinderellahad come to see Cinderella. They were wearing the cutest dresses, and many girls wore white tights, and one adorable little angel was even wearing white elbow length gloves. Just off to the side of me in one of the side boxes was a beautiful mother surrounded by her three daughters all with flowing golden hair and the prettiest dresses. My heart just melted at the scene, and I was extremely grateful to be sitting in the midst of it dressed properly as a girl.

crossing legs at the theaterAs for my neighbors, there were two older ladies sitting to my left who looked like sisters to me, and I will politely describe them as lunch-lady types. So you can see why the brunt of my attention was focused to the girl seated to my right. She was there with a date (one of the few guys I saw in the entire theater), and she was the cutest thing. She was petite letting my feet breath in my nylons at the theaterwith a tan complexion, and she was wearing a skirt with sexy high-heel sandals that I managed to sneak a picture of. :)  The funnest was when people would walk past us because both of us had our legs crossed, and so in order to let people pass, we'd have to tuck the bottom leg far under our seat and then move the leg crossed over the top tightly to the left or tightly to the right as close to the seat as possible. We totally had to be in sync to do this, and it was fun to either go right or left in sync with her.

Once the musical began, chills ran up my spine at the beauty of the moment, and then when Cinderella first took the stage, there was a chorus of calls from all those little angels in the crowd as they proclaimed, "Cinderella!" My heart was about to completely melt right there at the cuteness of the scene, and while I lamented a bit that I was never able to have those dreams of being a princess growing up, I was at least able to share the moment with the little girls in attendance who did. It was just so fun and added to the entirety of the experience.

I had never seen the musical Cinderella before and wasn't familiar with the music, but as the play unfolded, I realized more and more how closely my story was being told right there on the stage. Of course my goal in life is not to marry a handsome prince, but I am in a situation like Cinderella where my beauty is largely suppressed, and I feel as if I'm stuck in a situation where my only hopes are to dream. Early on in the performance when Cinderella first has the stage to herself, she sings the following lyrics in the song, In My Own Little Corner:
lyrics to Cinderella
girls dressed up for the musical CinderellaAfter singing those words, Cinderella went on to sing the things she wanted to become and the places she wanted to visit, and I couldn't help but to think how much that relates to me. I should state here that I feel as if I have a wonderful life, and I certainly don't lack for want, but it doesn't mean that deep down inside I still don't hurt sometimes. I do hurt. And while it's not a constant pain and something that I have learned to deal with quite well, it still hurts. I mean, look at that darling little angel in blue who was walking out of the theater just in front of me. I couldn't help but to take a picture of her from behind, and what that little girl represents is something that I never was and something that I can never be. And that hurts.

crossdressed at the theater watching the musical CinderellaOr what about this little angel in the red and orange dress who sat directly behind me with her little sister? Look at the magic in her eyes, and you'll just have to trust me in regards to the magic in their voices as they ooh'ed and ah'ed throughout the performance, especially when the fairy godmother would wave her wand and magically change Cinderella's tattered gown into a beautiful dress suitable for the ball. Those little girls are what I wanted to be, and they will grow up to be what I wish I could become, and so yes, sometimes it does feel as if I'm stuck in my own little corner with nothing to do but dream.

But things do get better for Cinderella, and she ends up going through a miraculous transformation, something that I can definitely relate to, and so it was fun to watch the story play out and see Cinderella become a princess in the end. I was thoroughly uplifted by the musical, and I can't remember a time when I have felt more chills when watching a performance. The overall production of Cinderella was wonderful, and while it doesn't rank anywhere close to one of the best musicals of all time, it was certainly what I needed today, and it moved me more than words can describe.

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