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A Quiet Picnic as a Girl

I was talking to my girl friend, Danielle, yesterday asking about advice as to where I could go or what I could do during my girl time, and she gave me a gentle reminder that if you're a girl, you're a girl, and you don't have to do anything special to prove that you're a girl. It was really sound advice, and it made me step back a bit and realize that I need to enjoy being a girl more than I need to fret about thinking up a daring adventure or finding someplace to shop. I will always end up running errands and shopping as a girl, and so for my girl time tonight, I thought I would take things easy and enjoy a fun picnic at the park where I could kick off my shoes and just enjoy that solitary place where I can remember the subtle joys of being a girl.

When I was young and growing up in a house full of siblings, my only solitary place to be a girl was in the bathroom. Several times a week I would gather a pair of panties and pantyhose from my stash, and once I procured my first bra from my sister's drawer I would take that too and just lock myself in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. I would take a blanket with me into the bathroom and set it down at the base of the door to block the crack under the door so none of my siblings could peer under it. I vividly remember as a child always peering under doors to see who was where and doing what, and I certainly didn't want anyone discovering my secret.

Once locked away in the security of the bathroom with no chance of anyone peering through the cracks, I would quickly change into my girl things, put the lid down on the toilet, and quietly sit on top of my makeshift seat while I pretended to be a girl. Since my legs were much skinnier back then, the support pantyhose felt heavier on my legs, but I could never get enough of the way they glistened in the light and more importantly felt on my body. I would often stand up and turn around to get a peak of my bra showing through my white tee shirt in the bathroom mirror, and I usually tried to wear as large of a shirt as possible so I could pull it down as low as possible pretending that it was a dress. The thoughts that ran through my head during these quiet moments where 'girls are so lucky' and 'I wish so badly that I was a girl too.'

To this day, I can easily recall such memories and emotions, and so tonight I determined to find a quite place where I could just sit down, cross my legs, and remember how good it feels to be a girl. Parks are a good place to kind of be alone because there are plenty of benches and tables around that you can always find one where no one will bother you. As for my outfit, I wanted to wear something fun, and I wanted to wear pantyhose to bring me back to my childhood days, and so I chose an entire yellow outfit pulling on my yellow cotton blouse with the swatch of fabric roses on one side and ruffle sleeves, and I paired that with my favorite skirt from last summer, a yellow plaid skirt from American Eagle that has several layers of ruffles around the skirt and ends just above the knees.

I made sure that my legs were shaved before I left the house because I wanted the pantyhose experience to be perfect, and I also noticed that it was getting overcast outside with a bit of a breeze, so I thought it'd be fun to remove my shoes and feel the wind blow between my toes and nylons, something I used to revel when I was younger. I slipped into a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections since I didn't want to give the impression that I was wearing nylons, but I wanted that slippery, silky feeling. To cap off my look, I slipped into a pair of brown flats and then dashed off to the kitchen to prepare a light meal.

The park I decided to visit is about 10 minutes away, and there's some pretty scenery here and there that I thought would make it fun to take some pictures. Before I left, I heated up a serving of lasagna in the microwave and then added a few sprigs of asparagus. I packed my hot meal into a paper bowl, grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator, and then went on my way to enjoy a quiet dinner at the park. As I pulled out of my garage, I noticed that a few raindrops were sprinkling on my dashboard. A cold front was blowing in, and it was trying to rain, but I could tell by the formation of the clouds that I would probably be okay. I took several pictures from the dashboard of my car and arrived at the park without incident.

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