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My Psychological Need for a Bra

a transgender wearing bra, panties, and pantyhose in her walk-in closetSeveral months ago I read about a French study that suggested bras do more harm in shaping women's breasts than they do good, and so I read with interest how the researchers hypothesized that women who don't wear bras have more lift to their breasts, less back pain, and healthier muscle tissue around the breast area, which they say can lead to healthier growth. The findings of this study may or may not have merit because I've also heard that sleeping in a bra has some benefits, but beyond the physical transformations that can take place through wearing a bra, I believe that there are also huge psychological implications in effect surrounding the wearing of a bra, both during the day and wearing a bra to bed.

For example, one of the first stages of a girl transforming herself into a woman is when she begins to wear a bra. Often, the young girl has not developed enough to actually justify wearing a bra, but psychologically, she knows that wearing a bra is a sign of growing up, and so most girls look forward to the day when they can start wearing a bra to make them look and feel more mature. As for men, I know from personal experience that bras can have a strong psychological effect on men as well. In fact, of all the words and phrases that are used by individuals that end up on my website, searches that include "men and bras" or "men who wear bras" is always in the top five and usually in the top three. It is no secret that many men feel the need to wear a bra, and while the majority of men can't justify wearing a bra for physical reasons, there is undoubtedly a soothing effect mentally when men wear bras, and for me, it extends as far as feeling the need to sleep in a bra as well.

In my case, I wear a bra because I feel it is an essential accessory in properly self identifying with my gender. While the majority of times my wearing a bra comes when cross dressing as a woman, I still often feel the need to wear a bra even when I know I'll be dressed as a guy. For example, just out of the shower in the morning, one of the first things I will do is brush my teeth. I'm usually wearing only a towel, and so as I brush my teeth, I can see my breast tissue move back and forth, and it makes me want to wear a bra in order to cover up and add support to my breasts. Another example is when I go swimming. I just feel a psychological need to cover up my breasts, and while I can't wear a bra or a bikini top for social reasons, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to be at the pool without properly covering up.  I also have a greater sense of security when wearing a bra to bed and sleeping in my bra.

On one of the web pages I visited that talked about this French study, they conducted a quick poll asking people simply "Do You Wear A Bra?". I wanted to add my input and see the results, and so I voted in the poll, and these are the results after about 8 months of gathering data from the readers:

As you can see, over 45% of the people polled either don't wear bra or prefer not to wear them. Then, another 20% of the girls decide whether or not they'll wear a bra depending on their outfit, and that leaves just one third of the girls in the category of always wanting to wear a bra. Now, in normal societal situations like work or shopping at the mall, it is improper for a woman not to be wearing a bra, and so I like to think the results of this study reflect those times during the day when a woman actually has a choice whether or not she wants to wear a bra. For example, if you arrive home at 6 PM and you have the rest of the night solely to yourself, would you wear a bra? In my case, "Yes, always!" and that's because psychologically, I just feel this innate need to wear one, and I think this feeling is shared between both girls and guys although definitely not a majority of them.

Since I am the type who always wants to be wearing a bra, I obsess with the presentation of my bra beneath my top when I go out. And in terms of passing in public, I worry about my face first, my hair second, and my bra's that important to me!! So, I thought it would be fun to post a gallery of some of my favorite pictures where my bra is playing a prominent role in my look for that day.

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