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A Long Overdue Photo Shoot

It's fun for me to reflect on the evolution of my online blog. I established the website in the summer of 2009, but it was something that I had wanted to do several years before that. The catalyst to my finally putting everything together came after I decided to dress completely en femme including hair and makeup and take pictures of myself to see how they would turn out. I wore a conservative crème-colored blouse, black skirt, black pantyhose, and black Ferragamo flats for that first photo session, and I was overwhelmed with how natural I appeared in the pictures. I was so excited that I ran to my closet and changed into a different top layered over a lace cami and immediately took more pics of this new outfit. Once again, I was super pleased with how the second batch of pictures turned out, and so right then and there I knew that I needed to finally tell my story to the world.

My blog first began with me trying to recall the first 39 years of my life in the pages of my diary. I could remember everything in good detail, but at the time I had the experiences, I didn't record my thoughts nor did I ever think to take pictures. I know, though, just how important pictures are to a cross dressing website, and so I would dress in as many outfits as possible, do a photo shoot in each, and then post the pictures from the present in the articles that described my crossdressing past. After about two years of putting all of the pages and pictures together, I finally got to the point where I felt as if I was caught up on the past and could now dwell solely on the present. Since that time, I've had an absolute ball venturing out into public as a male to female crossdresser meticulously documenting my thoughts with accompanying pictures.

The reason that I am even bringing up the beginnings of my website is to describe one of the photo shoots on that very first night that never turned out. In the basement of my house, I have a very nice pool table, and so my girl instincts told me that I could probably do a fun if not sexy photo shoot with a the pool table as a prop. I thought it would be appropriate to dress in all black, and so I chose a mock turtleneck sweater (the only black top I owned at the time), a pencil skirt, shiny black pantyhose, and a pair of high-heeled black pumps. I tried every pose imaginable using the billiard table as a prop, but in the end, I didn't have a single picture that turned out.

Since I was still a novice in conducting photo shoots of myself, I didn't understand the effects of lighting on the photos, and so the lights in my dark basement weren't sufficient enough to aid in clear and concise pictures even with the flash on my camera. I probably took 50 pictures on and around the pool table, but everyone one of them was just too blurry for me to post on my blog, and so what I thought would be a sexy photo shoot--as sexy as a girl can get in a mock turtleneck--turned out to be a big dud. Well, tonight I decided to reverse the karma and give the pool table photo shoot one more try since I know a lot more about lighting and perhaps, more importantly, since I now own a legitimate sexy top. :-)

This particular top is one that I bought at the Vanity Fair outlet about a month ago. I've always wanted a sexy black top that would require me to wear a black bra underneath, and this particular blouse certainly fit the bill. In fact, it's probably a bit too lacy and revealing for my taste, but it only cost about $4, and I knew that it would work for that photo shoot that I always wanted to redo, and so it was with great pleasure that I slipped into a matching black bra and panty set in preparation for my outfit. After my top was situated over my bra, I next slid on a pair of shiny black pantyhose in off black and then pulled up the same pencil skirt that I wore four years ago. I've since acquired a much nicer pair of black heels, and so they provided the finishing touch for my outfit.

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