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Photo Shoot Among the Autumn Leaves (page 2 of 2)

I knew my food was cooling down in the car, but I just had to pose for the pictures first, and so I retrieved my camera and tripod and then began setting up shots with various backgrounds. While I loved the look of my corked wedges, it certainly wasn't easy walking around in them across rocks and boulders. Goodness gracious, I nearly fell three or four times as I navigated my way into pretty scenes, but fortunately, I never did tumble to the ground. As I began taking pictures and then maneuvering this way and that, I could not get my half slip to stay in place. It kept peeking out from beneath the hem of my dress, and even when I thought I had it sufficiently hidden, to my horror when I finally viewed my pictures, my slip obviously wanted to play a major role in the photo shoot herself. Due to my slip's constant peeking out from beneath my dress, I can't say that this photo shoot was a huge success, but I do need to feel grateful for being in the beautiful outdoors dressed as a pretty girl.

As I was taking my photos, I was surprised by how many people were also in the canyon. There was a family nearby with a bucket of chicken; there were several generations of a family all dressed like cowboys and cowgirls; and then there was a mom who I think was homeschooling her kids and bringing them on a field trip to the canyon where they were gathering leaves. I noticed this cute little family at a distance as I was setting up my tripod, and before I got everything situated for my final shoot, the next thing I knew they were filing right past me apologizing for entering the back ground of my shot. I told them that it was okay, and I wonder if they suspected anything. Personally, I felt extremely passable on the day, but 1) how often to you run into a lady whose probably standing 6' 1", and 2) how often do you run into a lady in the chilly mountains wearing a short jersey dress, pantyhose, and heels?

Regardless, I think both of us were having an enjoyable time, and so I waited for them to exit the background before stepping in front of the camera for a few more poses. I tried to vary my poses from pretty leaves to pretty scenes in front of the brook to scenes with rock walls or bridges in the background. The canyon provided enough variation that I was able to take some fun shots despite my slip showing in every single one of them where I am standing up (grrrr).

When my photo shoot was finished, I retrieved my lunch and found a quite picnic table where I could enjoy my meal. It felt absolutely divine as I sat there with my legs crossed enjoying some yummy chicken and rice. As I ate, I observed several people marching this way and that in front of me, but no one in particular gave me any strange looks. I also enjoyed the gentle breeze when it drifted through the canyon because for the first time in a long time, I remembered just how good it felt to be wearing nylons and having a gentle breeze caress my legs. The longer I sat there, the more surreal the event became as I began to be swallowed up in the beauty of the entire situation.

Usually these moments are followed by pangs of grief because I know that no matter how enjoyable the current situation is, I know that it has to come to and end, and sometimes I'm driven nearly to tears by the very thought. Still, I kept myself composed and finished my lunch forcing myself to enjoy the moment instead of fretting about its end. After lunch, I wiped my mouth and then pulled my pink lipstick from my purse and began to touch up my lips using my cell phone as a mirror, and that's when I nearly lost it. The moment was so...right...and so perfect, yet I knew it couldn't be like this forever, and so I was overcome with emotion thinking, "It's just not fair" over and over in my mind. Who was I bothering? Who was I harming? Who was offended? The answer to all three questions is "no one" and so why can't it be like this all the time?

I truly did lament--and still do--not being able to live my life as the gender with which I most closely identify, but I understand the reality of the situation and need to be content with the thought, "At least you know what it feels like some of the time." Yes, I do know what it's like to enjoy snippets of life as a girl, and while the majority of my time is spent cross dressing as a guy, I truly can say that I know what it's like to be one with nature, to be one with the world, to feel whole inside, and yes, to be a girl...even if it was for just a few hours in the canyon on a chilly Autumn day.

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