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My Slip Is Showing

One of the first items I remember crossdressing as a boy was my mother's pink half-slip. The slip was made of the softest, silkiest nylon imaginable to a boy that age, and it had a generous swath of lace lining the hem and the long slit. I can still remember how my mother folded this slip up and where she put it in her lingerie drawer. Back in those days, it was common for women to wear dresses or skirts every day, so my mother often wore this slip, and I remember trying to catch glimpses of her slip when it showed from beneath the hem of her dress or skirt. I also fondly recall as a boy watching her wear the slip with suntan pantyhose as she scurried around her room getting ready for the day, so it doesn't surprise me even now how much I love the look of a lacey pink slip over pretty legs clad in suntan pantyhose.

Based on the emails I get from other girls like me, there's no doubt that pretty slips played a huge role in our desires to become crossdressers, and I frequently get emails from girls noting that my slip is showing in some of my pics. Once I realized that everyone has the same affinity for pretty slips as me, I began showing my slips beneath my skirt during some of my photo shoots on purpose. The reaction from these photos was always positive, so on this page I will display a collection of pictures where my slip is showing beneath my skirt or dress or pictures where I am wearing just a half-slip with a blouse. In some of these pictures it's intentional, and in others my slip is showing all by itself :-) and you have to look extra close to see a corner of it peeking out from under my skirt. Hopefully someone will one day say to me in public, "your slip is showing," and then I can reply to them, "good!".

Until then, here are some of my favorite pictures featuring my pretty slips:





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