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Motherly Feelings While Crossdressed

As I mention on my cross dressing history page, the height of my open cross dressing at home in front of my wife occurred when my children were very small. And it was also just before our last child was born that I began trying on my wife's maternity clothes and modeling them for her with her full blessing. That led to that infamous Halloween where I decided to cross dress like a girl for my costume. It was truly a wonderful time for me since I spent the majority of time either cross dressing or at least underdressed.

About a year after that Halloween, I remember that my wife and I were painting the basement rooms in our house. Since basements are always chilly, I would wear an old sweatshirt (many times with a bra underneath for support), old shorts, and then Active Support suntan pantyhose by L'eggs with sandals. I painted side by side with my wife, and she not only accepted me wearing panties and pantyhose every night, but she also expected it.

cross dressing a maternity nightgownOne night during this active cross dressing period, my wife hopped into the bath tub, something she usually does when the weather is chilly, so I decided to look for something new that I could cross dress. I noticed that my wife had a maternity night gown that she rarely wore probably because it was too large for her and too bulky. She also prefers to wear cotton at night when she sleeps, and this nightgown was made of a velour fabric. I discovered the nightgown and promptly tried it on. It was a bit tight in the sleeves, but it was still a woman's nightgown, which was good enough for me. I changed into a bra and panties, pulled on a pair of pantyhose, and then slipped on the nightgown and began modeling it in front of a bathroom mirror. During this excitement, my wife had finished her bath a bit early and walked in on me as I was modeling her nightgown. She was used to seeing me model woman's clothing, so she gave a short laugh at the surprise and playfully said, "you could wear that to bed." I of course followed her suggestion, and as I walked passed her out of the bathroom, she touched my left breast and commented, "you're not wearing a bra." I actually was wearing a bra, but it wasn't stuffed-- something that I always did when I cross dressed in front of her, so she didn't realize that I was fully under dressed.

sitting cross legged in a night gown and silky suntan pantyhoseAfter that incident, it became customary for me to wear that maternity nightgown to bed every night. I would also wear bra and panties with my usual pantyhose, and my wife eventually discovered that I was a wearing a bra nightly when we cuddled. It puzzled her why I needed to wear the bra, but she didn't necessarily protest. In the mornings, I was often awakened by my children pulling at my toes beneath the blankets of the bed, and my toes were always highlighted with pantyhose, but I'm sure they thought nothing of it. After getting out of bed, I would wear the nightgown and pantyhose into the kitchen for breakfast and sit there at the table with the rest of the family dressed like this. This became the norm until my oldest child turned five or so, and then my wife asked me not to wear the nightgown anymore in front of the children.

During this crazy but wonderful time, our youngest child was still an infant. My wife breast fed all of our children, but at times during the night, she would be too exhausted to wake up and feed a crying child, so I would get up instead and give the baby a bottle. Of all the crossdressed and holding a babytimes I have cross dressed, I can never remember a time so exhilarating and fulfilling as when I would feed a small baby and then rock it back to sleep while cross dressed. I suppose I felt the way that I did because it was the closest time in my life where I actually experienced what it felt like to be a mother.

I vividly remember sitting in that rocking chair with the baby asleep in my arms as I gently rocked back and forth sitting with my legs crossed in pantyhose. Normally, one would gently lay the baby back in it's crib and go to sleep, but I cherished those moments so much that I would stay up an extra 30 minutes or so just to take it all in. Words cannot express the feelings I had during those nights when I came oh so close to actually being a mother.

Click here to see more pictures of me in this nightgown.

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